Just ordered a new Nimbus 36er. Woo hoo!

After procrastinating, deliberating, umming and ahring, I’ve finally come to my senses and realised that I will be getting one of the new Nimbus 36” unicycles (complete with T7 handle and break mounts) at some point or another. So, once I accepted that, I figured that I may as well place the order sooner rather than later.

So… not long now before I take delivery of this great looking beast. Can’t wait!

The only sad thing is that I’m not sure how much love I’m going to have spare for my trusty 29er that has been with me through thick and thin over the last 12 months. I’ve clocked up the best part of 3000 miles on that, but I don’t know yet if it’s still going to get regular use or not. We’ll have to see.


sweet !

i just ordered a 36" yesterday, i really just can’t wait for it to come so i can put it together and ride it !!

Don’t worry, since getting the 36er, I still visit my other unicycles in the garage and talk to them. I don’t know about regular use though. It’s hard to get me off the lovely nimbus.

I’m excitied for you. Makes me want to order another one, just so I can look forward to it’s delivery. :smiley:

My 29er with a Kenda Klaw + 150mm Bicycle Euro cranks makes a nice XC muni. It’s particularly useful now that there’s slippery mud everywhere, which makes it hard to ride the 36er safely offroad. Can’t beat the 36er for long distance though, especially on roads / cyclepath / dry singletrack.

Well, obviously that would be just wrong. So I’ll have to stick just the two.

Well, I’ve already got a Kenda Klaw sitting in the garage right now, so I guess I could turn the old 29er in to more of an XC machine. The rim is a pretty thin Sun rim, which doesn’t look like it’ll stand up to much abuse or many drops though, so it certainly wouldn’t be used for muni.

Alternatively, I might just keep the 29er for my London commuting, and use the 36er for longer trips. I have read reports from several people saying that once you’re used to the bigger wheel it is just as manoeuvrable as a 29… but I’m still sceptical at this stage. Will see how it goes!


Are you getting the airfoil rim with it?

Once you get used to the 36 and try it on your commute you’ll find it difficult to go back to the 29er, the 36 is so much more stable and it’s easily manoeuverable enough with practice, plus you become a giant (by comparison) so people really take notice and cars tend to give you more space. I can honestly say I never considered using the 29er to commute after I got the Coker, it’s permanently in Muni mode now.

I disagree that it’s “just as maneuverable” as a 29er. A 29er is still much lighter. However, I ride my 36er through Oakland (and often SF) city traffic often, and I find it to be plenty maneuverable enough.

No, sadly the budget didn’t stretch to that. Might have to wait until the next xmas bonus for that upgrade.

I’m getting it with the Magura brake mounts too, but, again, it’ll be a while before the cash is there for the brake itself.

Well, I keep on reading things like this, but it’s the ‘once you get used to it’ bit that concerns me. I guess I’ll find out soon enough how long that’s going to take.


im getting the nimbus frame with the mounty thingys, but is it possible to hook up a V-brake off a bike onto the mounts in some way? i think it would be a good cheap option compared to the magura.

i cant wait for mine to come! i hope they dispatch it soon

I learnt to ride my coker in London traffic. The first few times I stuck to back roads mostly though I have to admit. It doesn’t take long at all when you’re riding every day.


UDC in the UK do these which look like they’ll do the job. Not sure how neat they’ll look, but should be functional.


I’m thinking about getting a 36" …just curious as to what is the advantage of the airfoil rim over the standard? …

Thanks davey

i just ordered one with an airfoil, heres why:

MUCH stronger than the standard rim, it wont flex nearly as much.
Lighter than the standard rim
Allows for a stronger wheel build
Works much better with brakes like the magura HS33
looks better

…Say No More ! … Thanks

I got my coker like what iridemymuni said, but then changed my pedals to magnesium ones. My friend was going to put a brake caliper but told him it would overdo it. So yeah. But i am thinking of doing it sometime in the future.

I can’t argue with any of that, so earlier today I phoned UDC and asked about upgrading my order to an airfoil one, but in the end I decided against it. Here’s why;

  • Extra cost now is almost the same as upgrading in 12 months time[1]
  • It will delay my order
  • I don't think that I'll appreciate an airfoil rim as much now as I will after a year on the standard Coker rim
  • I quite fancy the idea of lacing a wheel myself in the future
  • I won't feel bad about having to buy a new rim if I damage the standard one
  • There might be a cheaper alternative available soon [2]


[1] There isn’t a demand for standard rims, so not much is taken off of the price of the airfoil one, but the cost for a wheel build is still added on.
[2] That is just my own hope/theory. Miark did say that still didn’t have jigs big enough in Taiwan yet. But I’m an optimist!

I must disagree, it look hideous! At least on mine it does, in my opinion, it is all big and stuff. But I still love my coker, with airfoil, even though it is a bit heavy.