Just One Wheel Gets Free Press Prior To Their Official Launch

Prior to the official launch of Just One Wheel’s Unicycle Fun And Training Center(a business like no other) I felt it was time to start doing some local networking.

Our official launch will hopefully take place by this summer.

The device that will make this all happen is close to receiving its patent protection which will then allow us to move closer to launch.

C.L.I.M.B. is the organization that maintains and builds all of Long Islands mountain bike trails.
They distribute their trail news publication via member subscription and to all bike shops on Long Island.

Just One Wheel Inc, did an interview with C.L.I.M.B. for their winter trail news addition with the intention to educate mountain bikers about the added benefits of Muni (better workout, more fun, no car racks, etc).

When I’m riding the trails, many mountain bikers stop me and show tremendous interest in the sport and like all other mountain bikers and non-mountain bikers, they also thought unicycling was not possible for any average human.

This is the reason I chose to target the mountain bike community prior to our launch. They are always hungry for more.

I set an experienced 50yr old mountain biker up with a KH20" and within 8-9hrs over 2 1/2 weeks was riding flat surface at will.
He is drooling for the dirt!!

It’s all education and motivation to promote new riders.

Just One Wheel’s Goal
: To create a fun, simple and easy way to get the planet to understand they to can ride a unicycle, then get them all riding…

Target Audience: Anyone that can walk. The sky’s the limit.

My market is untapped.

No one offers the proper motivational techniques to motivate new riders and make sure they complete the learning curve.

The only companies out there that involve unicycles at all are for the sale of unicycles and components, the training of professional performers or clubs.

There business is geared mostly for existing riders.

The best business is one that is your passion.

This will finally put unicycles in a setting where opportunity for growth is guaranteed!

A link to a copy of the Trail News Is below.


Adam Cohen
Just One Wheel Inc,