Just learned to ride a unicycle! - 3 simple steps

At 2:45, having the “stick” of the unicycle aligned with the rider’s spine is described as the “most important tip” but one the presenter admits they don’t do well.

Now take a look at the end of the video where the orientation that actually works is quite clear. The body leans slightly forwards while the uni frame leans slightly back, keeping the centre of mass over the contact point. This is much more stable and forgiving of imprecise positioning of the wheel than an upright uni. Thinking in terms of the hinge at the hips can be helpful.

Accomplished riders can trade the stability for responsiveness by bringing the uni more upright. Unfortunately, experienced riders frequently advise the novice to be too upright because that is how they ride themselves.

Congrats! And welcome to the world of Unicycling :slight_smile:

I thought your post was spam and initially ignored it! Your approach to learning was “balanced”; you started at the wall, but you rode into the open before too long. I noticed that, when you were riding against the wall, you almost entirely fell in the direction of the wall. I think using a wall is more about feeling comfortable keeping the feet on the pedals…than it is about balance. For real balance, you have to lose the wall. I got nervous watching you ride away from the wall at 2:31. You were wearing no helmet, and if you fell backwards while mounting, your head/neck could hit the wall. For the record, I recommend wearing a helmet while learning. Nice work!

That is a very interesting point. Thanks for your insight. I’ll make sure to pass that on in the future.

Thank you!

I don’t blame you for thinking it is spam. I definitely understand. I didn’t do a very good job of not making it look like spam. :confused:

I appreciate that you gave it a chance in the end and liked it!

Stick with it. There’s more to learn.

I have a few tips, but I just want to know that you haven’t completely quit, yet.