Just got my first 36er...hold me, i'm frightened!!!

Holy crap, this thing is H-U-G-E! :astonished: The seat is like up to my chest! Right now, it doesn’t seem possible for a mere human to ride this thing, so maybe I’ll just prop it up in the corner by the fireplace as a conversation piece. It makes my 29er look like a toy. And it’s HEAVY! I can barely roll the thing across the kitchen linoleum. The only thing I’ve done with it so far is climb up to the cockpit and sit on it. From way up here, the people down below look like ants.
Starting this Friday, I’m gonna try to learn this whale…we’ll see…

It’s not that big, really, you’re just not used to being near such “awesomeness” :smiley:

Seriously though, just get on and go riding, it’ll feel better once you have some time in the seat.

I remember my first 36er ride, it felt akward and I was so high off the ground, I though I’d get hurt if I dismounted :wink:

Now I ride mine off road, DH, big drops, mud, rocks and roots, I think nothing of grabbing the 36er for hard trail riding :smiley:

36ers rule!

thx, NB, just what I needed to hear. b^.^d

Don’t you leave near Portland?

We’ll be out there this Summer scouting for a new homestead, I’ll have all the wheels with me, we should do some riding :slight_smile:

Do you know about Joe’s munifest in Bellingham, WA? It’s in early June, we’re gonna try and make it.

Yeah, in fact that’s where I picked up the new KH…I’m in Seattle, but would think nothing of driving a couple of hours in order to download some wisdom from someone with your riding experience…let’s do it!
Yup, heard about the Munifest–gotta go even though I’m strictly a roadie. Can’t pass on the chance to see some really good riders in action.
Thanks! :wink:

Mine arrives tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll be overwhelmed also.

That title is awesome! I look forward to seeing your next video.

C’mon! Grab that beast and try! This is awesome adventure! =)

While it’s bigger than my 26" (and therefore your 29"), it’s not that big! Perhaps my perspective is different 'cause I’m used to riding my giraffe around the neighbourhood - and the 36er is definitely not as tall as that.

What kind is it?

It’s big and and it’s heavy. But after a couple rides you should go clipless on the 36er. And your first 36er century before two weeks are up.


KH36 …and it’s bee-yoo-tiful! :smiley: …almost too purdy to pedal.

Thanks for helping me, uber-uni-riders! This Friday I’m planning to throw a leg over this beast for the first time. By summer, I’m hoping to be spinning up the really big miles…assuming I’m not in traction with tubes sticking out everywhere. :roll_eyes:

Here must be some miss spelling? FRIDAY?! How can you wait so long? :astonished:
When I received my from post office I just assembled it, tryed in room (afraid to broke something) and then run out for ride! :sunglasses:

Agreed. Your self control is amazing.

I remember taking my first 36 out of the box and swearing out loud. It was huge.

I went to a deserted car park and mounted against the side of the car, using the roof rack for support.

The first attempt at riding ended in failure as I simply couldn’t get the wheel to rotate.

Second attempt, i managed a wobbly circle around the car park.

I felt I’d never master it.

Within a week I was regularly riding 5-10 miles, and freemounting it about 1/4 of the time if I wasn’t too tired.

Within a few months I was freemounting as near as dammit 100% and I was riding it cross country.

Persevere and you will love it.

Here’s the reason I’m waiting…
The 36 is arriving just as I’m really beginning to enjoy the 29er with its newly-fitted t-handle, and I want to take a couple more long rides on my ole’ pal before committing fully to the 36. I suspect that once I’m on the Big Wheel, I won’t have much time for the “little” one (I can’t believe I’m saying that–the 29er seemed so big when I first got her). I could be completely wrong about this, of course. In fact, I’m kind of curious: do those of you who own both the 36 and the 29 find that you still ride both even after gaining good facility with the larger uni? :thinking:

Just went over your earlier thread–very good info. thx!

I never had any concern on sizing up my unicycles the 36er is impressively big but I mounted and rode it straight off the bat then took it for a 24mile muddy offroad ride the next day without issue. It has it’s own slight challenges but in many ways it is easier to mount and ride imho

Don’t fixate on the size just mount it like your 29er and enjoy the speed and smoothness. Also be prepared to not touch your 29er again :wink:

oh and we need pics :slight_smile:

I ride all of my wheels, though I may focus on one size for a few days or a week, abd nt 26 x 4" doesn’t get ridden as much during the dry/warm months, so today I have the 36er ready for a muni ride, but the last week I’ve been riding the 26 x 4" due to the wet weather and super muddy conditions. This coming weekend I’ll ride 29" and 26".