Just for WuKo - TEASER


The whole video is coming out at WuKo (EUC-Winter) in February.

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Ahhhh!!! I can’t watch yet. Vimeo’s still converting, but youtube is private. Can you change the youtube one to public?

I van’t wait for the final video! Looks like it will be another sick video from you guys.

Yeah, looks like its going to be some really good stuff.
Nice teaser too… I really do want more.

nice!!! :D:):smiley:
very good editing and riding ( with a 900? :astonished: ).
Can’t wait to see more :stuck_out_tongue:

great teaster :astonished:
can´t wait for the full video :open_mouth:
I´love the editing

great video. :astonished:

music fits perfect. What is it?

Thanks (:
Music is: Modus Operandi - Sonata Rabidus ;D

Sick teaser. One of the few times I see one that serves the purpose of making me really look forward to a video.

I just realized that Felix looks EXACTLY like this kid that goes to my school. Like literally. Mirror image.

Can’t wait for the real thing.

awesome teaser raphi :wink:

danke (:
he i hab koan oanzigen clip vu dia im erschten toal vum vid… :roll_eyes:

geiler teaser
@eli: xroll ???

back inwardroll ;D

jo i muas nu wos füma…susnt woat hoid nu ah wengal mim beartbeiten…es werden eh vü nu ned so vü clps hom oda?