Just for interests sake....

I was just wondering what sorts of things people are currently doing with your unicycle?

eg: building a special unicycle, learning to hop better, learning to ride on
dirt, grind… whatever i just thought it would be interesting

to start off

  1. im learning to idle
  2. i’m trying to hop
  3. i’ve been practising down some dirt tracks
  4. i’m buiding a bunch of wooden ramps just to improve riding up and down steep slopes
  5. i’ve also been setting up a small slalom course to practise my sharp turns and stuff

What things have you been doing recently??

These are in a random order, cause I’m learning each one but not prioritizing them, so I’m not gonna learn one, then go to two, these are the things I’m working on.

  1. 180 uni-spins
  2. Wheel Walking
  3. higher hop height regular, SIF, and rolling
  4. seat drag
  5. seat push
  6. Coasting
  7. grinding (need a plate cause my pins are not coming out, i tried for 2 hours)

Thats all that comes to mind, there might be one or two more things im working on.

  1. 180 uni-spins
  2. 1ft Wheel Walking
  3. higher hop height regular, SIF, and rolling
  4. seat drag
  5. seat push
  6. Coasting
  7. gliding
  1. hopping
  2. going down more than 3 stairs
  3. Riding seat in front
  4. MUNI

I got 2 more now

  1. Frontflips
  2. 360 spins (not unispins)

Now thats all of them

i am working on…

  1. idleing
  2. hopping
  3. cowboy mount ( stand on one pedal and do a wrap around to the other) i dunno if that is what it is called

I am working on (in no particular order):
-360 unispins
-Cleaner crankflips
-Handrail grinds
-Technical grinds (leg around, one foot, 180 out etc.)
-1/no footers
-360s down stairs
-Seat drag/push

I think thats about it.

Currently working on:

  • High accuracy SIF hops (onto small poles)
  • Railriding
  • Hopping from skinny to skinny (and soforth)
  • Gaps

So, basically, the more fine points of unitrial.

Me too…it’s fun isn’t it!

I’m also working on finishing off this custom muni of mine.


hopping to low walls and riding along
rolling hops
180 to backwards

I’m mostly just working on BC, but also wheelwalking a bit.

Yup! Nothing quite like hopping from a 10cm wide pole to a ledge, then riding along it, gapping to a bench, and hopping up the backrest :slight_smile:

i cant work on any thing now but i get my cast off on monday so ill be refreshing my self of all the tricks i can do…i fear i might have 2 find my ballance again while doing the trick i think its been like several weeks since ive unied so im hoping it wont take verry long 2 revisit these tricks but

what i will do starting monday

wheel walking (revisit)
1 footed riding (revisit)
1 footed idlintg (revist)
sharp turns (revist)
sif riding (revist)
sib riding (revist)
riding down stairs (revist)
back wards riding (revist)
hopping (revist)
rolling 180s (revist)
static 180s (revist)
sif hopping (revist)
sif stall (revist)
suicide mount (revist)
leg wrap mount (revist)
leg wraps (revist)
1 footed mount (revist)
1 footed wheel walking (revist)
rolling 360 hops
static 360 hops
seat drap/push
180 unispins
hop height
eventually crank flips
back wards 1 footing
stand up wheel walking (should be fun)
developing my own style
1/no footers
hops higher than 4 ft
sif hopp height

lots more
but i g2g to school
so catch yall lata

On this theme can anyone suggest what a beginner should try first after mastering the basics (and I mean the very basics). I can manage to steer and ascend/descent gentle inclines. Would hopping off a moderately high curb or small step be a good next move? Any other suggestions about the next sort of thing to attempt? (I am trying to freemount just now).

working on:

  1. Controlled 450 unispins
  2. Controlled crankflips
  3. Better stand-up wheelwalk
  4. Different unispins down curbs.
  5. Trialing (higher hops, longer gaps)

I’d say freemounting is a good thing to try next.

i’ woking on/trying (in no order)

1.perfecting 180unispins
2.Trialing (higher hops, longer gaps)
3.wheel walk
4.wrap arounds
oh and crank grabs

  1. 180 unspins
  2. coasting
  3. 180’ing down more than a three stair
  4. improving my cranks grab height and over all sif hopping height
  5. stand up ww (kinda)


  1. perfecting my crankflips
  2. hand WW

pure trials! higher hops(seat in and sif), further gaps(currently about 2.5ft side hop) riding skinnies, and technical trials