Just for fun [Muni and more]

Title says it all - It’s just for fun. Clips of me Scott and Chris in Rowhedge (and me outside my house) doing things because they’re fun, set to The Joker by The Steve Miller Band.

Hope you enjoy - comments welcome

(only vimeo atm unless people want youtube which I doubt (plus i’d have to compress the video to half the size as I filmed a lot in HD))

very good james, i like it:D shame about the smudge on your lense in half the clips though

looked nice, never saw mountain bording before!

The camera man was good, but a little shaky. You might want a tripod, it will look a lot nicer.

Nice and Layed back

  1. james is hopeless at recording most times
  2. more of us mountain boarding
    i have a tripod (my parents) and broke it last week, but its still usable, we should use it more often though

oops, spelling error

Definitely, this was kindof an experiment to see how good my cameras HD filming really is, so hopefully we can advance to using a tripod.


It was kwl james
i liked the relaxing feel and i need to try that mountain

and again…

Daredevil rail walking :wink:

Haha… well… it was about 8 foot above that stream :roll_eyes: :wink: .

Cool video, looked like a fun time.

I’d say only about half of those clips looked HD, and the rest looked overly compressed and like you had a smudge on the lens causing a big blurry area in the center.

Yes, exactly that.

:astonished: I though it was 11, change that to semi-dare devil rail walking :wink:

Well was the same camera used the entire time? Why does the quality vary so much?

Because, for the bad quality clips I had my camera set on a lower recording quality (plus I had that smudge on the lens because it rained a bit and I tried to wipe it off, didn’t realise there was a smidge til I was watching the vids back on my computer) because I did not have a big enough memory card, and then the week after that I borrowed scotts card so I could record in HD and have enough recordings.

I’d really like to see more HD from this camera, it looks like a really good solution for cheap high quality video. I mean I’d love to get a several thousand dollar video camera but thats just not an option. :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of the shots look a bit too bright, do you have any control over that in the camera?

I’m not really sure because I haven’t really experimented with the settings, but I’ll have a look through the handbook when I get home from school today.