just a wuick yes or no answer

this one doesnt say its splined and it doesnt say a few other things too…

so if u no if it is splined and where , how much it is splined tell me plus the weight…

What are you talking about?

Are you referring to a unicycle? You didn’t specify which one. I can tell you if any unicycle is splined, just post a link to it or post a pic, but I don’t know weights.

As for where it it splined, well you can only have splined cranks and hub. I assume you mean “how many splines does it have” by saying “how much is it splined,” and I could tell you that, also, if you would post a link or pic.


Yeah, that wasn’t a “wuick yes or no answer.” If it doesn’t say that it is splined then it probably isn’t. All splined unis weigh different amounts, there is not one universal weight for all splined unis.



the devil is the one im looking at

Ok, yes it is splined. The weight is under 6kg however much that is.
It’s a really nice uni.

that link took me to the general website, but there are several unis to choose from; which :thinking: one were you refering to?


i said under neith it that the devil is the one im looking at

Yoggi and Xavier do 10++ foot drops on it…

Here’s a link for the lazy!

thats a good one =p i only have enough money for a torker dx so im getting that =p