just a ride...and pics!

So I decided that I would finally post something on here after a lone unicycle deprived work schedual. This is my third ride this entire summer, so I havent upgraded to high performance yet. The ride today sucks because I broke my seatpost right when we got there, so all the pictures of me are from my warm-up. And for the record…no, I did not try and ride my unicycle AFTER the seatpost broke.

6 foot drop. landed by my friend holland.

uni box drop.jpg

even with a broken seat post…theres still love…

uni broken love 2.jpg

simple/easy 4 set

uni clearing 4set.jpg


uni wtf2.jpg

pedal grab onto post

uni post grab 1.jpg

All the pictures are lame because we did it with a digital camera…

Nice pics :slight_smile:

thats cool, how high is that?

its like 3 feet or something