Just 130 votes needed for UDC

Please vote, I just go off the phone with Amy of UDC and she said they only need 130 more yes votes needed

They are at 7980, just 130 more (yes) votes

sign on to all of the accounts on your computer and vote, go to your neighbors house and vote, just VOTE!




126, apparently it is the most amount of votes not the highest percent of yes votes so dont even vote no to other people



back to 129


How is it going up?!?!!? :thinking: :angry: :astonished: :frowning:

I voted. what does it mean by “taken to the next level”
What is the next level?

the 5 contestants who get taken to the next level present their case as to why they should get the $100,000 to the forbes staff

I know it’s kinda cheating, but if you have a laptop ad a PC you can vote once on each.

We have 2 pcs and a laptop so that’s three votes for me.

because the other competitors are going up faster
but it is at


I have four PC’s at home and two here at work :smiley:

Does that mean 130 votes and they win the 100k?

no, 130 votes and they have a 1 out of 5 chance to win it, instead of the 1 out of 20

I just voted once on my desktop, and attempted to again on my laptop. They are both connected to the same network.

When I opened up the link to vote on my notebook, it said I had already voted.

I am guessing this is because Forbes recognizes returning voters based on IP Address. Is this true?

I guess this reveals a fairly obvious flaw in the voting system: use a proxy server, or continuously change your IP Address, and you can vote unlimitedly. I’m sure you could hack it some other way, as well.

And no, I didn’t hack it. For real. No, seriously. If I did, they’d have somewhere around a million votes… :slight_smile:

My laptop and PC are connected to the same system, and I had no problem voting on both machines. im not computer-savy though so I have no idea why.

what are we voting for?