June 9th UNIque demo Victoria B.C

June 9th there is going to be a LARGE demo in brentwood bay (just outside of victoria), it will start at 10:00 am and go till 4:30 pm. However what makes this demo a little diffrent (other then having TONS of equipment) is that there will be prizes given out. Prizes will be given to the person who lands the biggest trick (with seprate catagories for trials, street and free style), the biggest reaction out of the crowd, the biggest drop landed during the demo, biggest bail and of course the biggest over all crowd pleaser. Prizes will be provided by Division8.ca .So far the riders who will be coming are :
Justin kohse
(me) Bryan Corry
Brock Fisher
And hopefully Dylan Wallinger
Please email me at victoriaunicycleclub@shaw.ca if you are interested in comming. If anyone needs a place to stay they are welcome to crash at mine or justin’s house. If enough people come we will be doing a Muni ride the next day!

Rock on!
Shucks I’m bitter I’m out of country for this.


scratch my name I will not be coming I got into a car accident and my back is toast right now