Jumping Practice!

Let me know what you all think!
Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

nice work!

Try to pound the tyre more and start slightly further away. I think you could get 5 pallets to tyre and 6 to crank

I’ll work on that! I think your right. I definitely have the ability just not the confidence yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Mike,
I have just finished a day of just squats and nothing else to help me work on my tuck. I’m hopping staticly to work on my technique especially. I have now made about 3 pallets. (17 inch) I try to do it one day, i make it, try to do it the next day, I fail. It’s pretty disgraceful to work really hard on something and have it not really pay off. I know you’re a very experienced trials rider and are my favourite by far :slight_smile: How for were you in high jump about 3 and a half months into unicycling? Did you have any sort of this up and down trend that I’m having? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I could do about 4 pallets after 3 months, i learned very quickly in my first year. It’s really common to not get the same height each day. Your legs have to recover from the short quick bursts of power that are put into a hop. Also the higher you get the more up and downs there will be because slight technique changes can make a big difference. Just keep doing what you’re doing, i did the same thing when learning to tuck. Static hops on a height i can always make but is still kinda hard and i’ll try tucking to my bum even if i have to do it after ive landed

Start wearing shin pads and then theres nothing to be scared of really.