jumping high?

im sure someone has asked this, but i am to lazy to look. how do i hop higher than a foot?

ive seen people hop as high as three feet. almost.

i have a small torker cx 20" with a new tire. well, its old but its good. on my youtube. ( www.youtube.com/OATMEALMAN147 ) i have a vid called new tire. is this a good one for jumping high? aslo i dont have a saddle with a handle. so my uni is horrible for trials i guess.

wow, seven views and no answers.

well… here is a link to basically the same question


look at the first reply on there, and it shows another link to the same question again, and gives ryan atkin’s tutorial.

hope this helps

make sure the tire is inflated so that it is squishy and becomes almost flat (doesnt hit the rim) when you land off something. this’ll give you a bit more spring. If you really want to do trials stuff, then you really need a new Uni, those cranks and the rim are too weak. I had a dodger with those cranks and did some drops, like 1-2ft, before getting a KH07, and the cranks twisted. I would defo get a trials Uni for sure.

thanks, ill try to get a new one. possibly a unistar DX. but if i got a LX would that be ok to? both are torker but one is made for trials.

dont get a torker the dx is heavy and if you ever break a part its hard to replace,get a nimbus 20 innch trials,with kris holm moment cranks

Alright guys, who am I?:

“I’m sure I have an answer to this question, but I’m too lazy to post it.”

i agrees with Knighty, get a nimbus 20" trials with kris holm moment cranks. Or spend a bit more, and go for the Kris holm 07 trials. I’ve got one and its great.

don’t do this if you don’t have a trials tire… and doing this doesn’t actually make you jump any higher, it just allows more fudge room when you hit the corner of something… and makes things smoother/more comfortable.

get a nimbus w/ KH cranks.

In case you still read this and still want information…
Im relatively new but I sometimes try the “double bounce” trick where you jump once for a tire compression then spring up. Assuming I use about the same energy for both jumps the second once gets me at least 4 inches higher. Again Im still new to this, Im sure the bounce trick is extremely exploitable for height.

I am not much of a high hopper (my highest is 70cm over bar) but just some quick tips…

Have a 20x 2.5 tyre when hopping
Bend your legs as you come up so you can tuck
Slowly increase your height and practice lots

bigger tire= more air volume which means more air is compressed and more air is decompressed pushing you higher