jumping forward

Hey I’m kinda new to this I can now ride, go down stairs, and bunny hop several times in a row but when I try to jump a gap it just ends up being a 3 inch forward bunny hop and when i see videos or hear of guys jumping gaps and stairs of 6 feet and up it gets me so :angry: so if theres anyone who can help me please do…

Jumping forward

I’m learning the jumping forward too. Once I’ve mastered it I’ll tell you all about it, however like you it’s hit and miss for me.

Watching the DVDs you’ll notice the guys almost let themselves fall forward with the wheel stationary and the frame and body swings like a pendulum, then they leap.
I’m also intrigued seat height could be a help. The lower the better, anyone else care to comment? I found that during jumping, with a slightly lower seat, the legs can bend at the knees and offer a natural jump. (Think about a normal standing jump without Uni). You squat, and use your immediate standup as a means of catapulting yourself. I’ve found this works with a Uni.

Finally keep trying different things and it will come together.

Sorry it’s nothing possitive, hope though it gets people adding their input.

you have to bunny hop till you’re in balance, then stand still for a moment, and let yourself lean the direction you’re trying to leap, then just when you feel its right, fling your whol body up and forward, pulling the uni underneath you. as you near the other side of the gap, swing the wheel back underneath you and land. watch how they gap in this movie.