Juggling While Riding/Idling: A Tutorial

I searched for a tutorial and only found requests for a tutorial. Since this is about the only thing I excel at on a unicycle I thought I would post this up.

Learning to juggle while riding the unicycle.

First off, obviously, you should be a decently balanced rider. You should also be a decent juggler.
It will be easier to learn with clubs, but juggling balls is not out of the question.
I learned on a giraffe, also a bit easier I believe for learning.
It will be easier to learn as you ride forward, then practice while idling.

Things to practice before trying.
Look straight ahead while riding forward.
Keep arms bent, in front of you, and you can pretend to juggle by moving your arms up and down.
The most important thing is to keep eyes up, focused on anything in front of you as long as it is not related to keeping the unicycle balanced.
You have to seperate the two things in your mind, try to forget all about the unicycle and focus on something else.
Learn to use your hips only, for correcting your balance on the uni, not your arms.

Juggle one club:
While riding forward, just toss it back and forth between hands, You will get an idea what you are in for.
If you don’t fall off or have to wildly correct your riding while tossing a club or ball back and forth, go ahead and grab three.

While riding forward try and get in three tosses. remember to keep eyes up, focused on the juggling peaks and not on the unicycle.
Practice, practice, practice. Very soon you should be able to ride forward and juggle.

Idling and juggling.
This is the next step and one that will help your juggling and riding both, even if you’re not doing it together
You should be able to juggle while watching the TV.
Also practice idling while watching a TV.
This is a very similiar skill as you will be training your focus to go back and forth to make the tiny adjustments you need to keep a pattern going as well as keeping from UPDing.

Begin idling with the three clubs in your hands and as soon as you feel comfortable; look up and toss the first club, you will probably have to ride forward to adjust your balance on the unicycle. Just stop, idle, and toss the club again. Keep it up till you can stay in an idle and get off a toss or two. You may find yourself rocking back and forth on the uni in time to correspond with the rhythm of the juggling pattern.

Practice practice practice, you’ll be idling and juggling soon enough.
You will probably learn how to pick up a club off the ground from your seat as well. = bonus!
Guaranteed to make you a better unicycler and a better juggler.

Any other tips from the juggling crowd?
Anybody pass clubs from their unicycles?

Just wondering, has anyone here diabolo’d while unicycling? I for sure can’t do it. Good tutorial, I’ll have to look it up again once i get juggling down.

Thanks for that tutorial. I have been trying (unsuccessfully) now I’ll see how it goes following the tutorial.

I am a juggler who took up unicycling so I could juggle while riding pretty much as soon as I could balance well. I am now trying to learn how to idle so that I can use it in shows.

My friend had trouble juggling and idling, but he could juggle no problem while hopping.


I do 8 clubs passing while idling, with a friend. My friend throws a club into my pattern from 4 to 5 clubs. Anyone else?

any tips to wheel walk while juggling? I can juggle and ride but I ant to juggle and wheel walk