Juggling/Unicycling Club

I started a Juggling/Unicycling Club this spring, but we still only have about 5 members that can actually do stuff… like Juggle… I was wondering how I could advertise the club around school when it starts up in a month and around town to bring in new members. Please give any imput, it may just help, especially if you have started one or are in a club. Give any ideas that you or your club may use to lure in more members. Thanks!


offer free food

Give a free showing of one of the Syko Production films, and advertise your club right before and/or after.

What’s a Syko Production Film?

sounds like porn :astonished:

its a company that makes short uni movies etc


The university one I helped start up last term was done basically by going up to friends who we knew juggled etc and also othe people who were around practicing their juggling/poi/etc and asking them to join us. We went from about 5 people in the first day to almost 20 people by the next week. Now we have about 5 unicyclists amongst us.

When I go back to university we’re going to make it a university society, then advertise by hanging around outside the student union, and getting people to sign up to our group.