Juggling tutorials?

Hi all,

I’m sure there’s plenty on here who juggle as well as ride. Has anyone come across any particularly good juggling tutorials?

I’ve come across a few on the internet including YouTube, but as a total beginner I can’t tell which are good tutorials and which are not. Some seem to contradict others while some just waffle on and confuse me more.

I’ve been trying for a little while and cant get past half a dozen passes.

Any recommendations?

Cheers, Mark

Juggling is all about the throw. If your throw is imperfect then the catching hand is moving around and ‘stretching’ for the ball. Most people seem to have a hand that throws imperfectly when they’re not concentrating (at least when they start out) Mine is my left hand - it tends to throw forwards so my right arm has to extend to catch.

If you watch the ‘great’ jugglers, their hands stay within a very small area with minimal movements on standard 3-ball. Try to emulate that, is the advice I was given.

I also have a great book that covers everything from scarves/balls/clubs to diablos and devilsticks. It was well worth the money :smiley:


I learnt to juggle from this video:

Look beyond the persona that the presenter puts on at the start; he is a very good teacher.

I practised next to a wall - it stopped the balls going too far away and I could use the tops of door frames for judging the height of the throws.

I loved Coach Dave’s Unicycling tutorial video - always made me smile. It’s a fun persona :smiley:

That was the one that I found most helpful when I was learning.

I though his Coach Bob persona was a bit of fun as well, it’s just that from the comments to some his videos it seems that people don’t take him seriously and therefore ignore what he is actually teaching. His unicycling tutorial is what gave me the final pointers to allow me to transition from unicycle owner to unicycle rider… I then fell off, smashed my knee and learnt how to juggle whilst recovering :slight_smile: I’ve not tried both at the same time yet - I’m not competent enough at either :smiley:

Thanks for those.

I’ll take some time to watch them all tonight and see where i go from then.

No idea why, its just something ive always wanted to do.

My bad - got his persona name wrong. Many imaginary, unseen turtles are rushing to my location now yelling “BoB! BoB! BoB!” :smiley:

Been a while since I watched his videos, and I’m old …

Coach Bob’s is the best I’ve seen IMO.

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I like Kingscascade.com. That’s not where I learned, but there’s a vast number of tricks with steps to do them on the site.

The TWJC tutorials aren’t bad:

We have a whole forum section on tutorials here.
I wrote this one a while back on juggling on a unicycle


The Coach bomb one is very good. His persona is a little strange, but it helps to keep it light hearted which I liked.

Time too get practicing.

Sorry, coach Bob. Damn predictive text!

When I was learning to juggle I practiced at the foot of my bed so I couldn’t walk forward (I had a tendency to throw the balls forward as I caught them and so do many others). The next step after that would be to learn to do that on a uni which I can do for about 50 catches.