Juggling(I was bored...)

So, up until now I could have sworn juggling was harder than level 10 on the unicycle, it’s not, otherwise I’d be around a level 10(uni) or something…Anyways here’s how, in short, the book had a two-page explanation, if anyone could post some action pictures or something, please and thank you, and if any jugglers could help me with the last step…THANK YOU!!
First things first, get some balls, not too light, not too heavy, if you know any jugglers already, you can borrow their old juggling balls or something. Some beginners prefer to learn with different colored balls to see the balls’ movements. Juggling is like riding a unicycle, you never forget, no matter how long it’s been.
So the next step is, RELAX. It’s almost impossible to juggle without relaxing, you could learn while talking to someone else, even sitting down if you want to! Just be relaxed, no matter how stupid it is to get relaxed.
Next step, facing a bare wall(you may want to practice not facing it later on) don’t get too eager for the three balls, Rome wasn’t built in a day(and? we’re not building Rome…) and take one ball with your right hand(left and right can be switched if you’re left handed) and pop up the ball, trying not to move your wrists or forearms a lot. A good toss should go right in front of your eyes. Then pop it up to the other hand, and do the same with the other hand. Practice this until you don’t have to move your arms to catch the ball, your forearms should be parallel to the floor.
Now take another ball and stretch out your index and middle finger and thumb, place it there. Try to throw it to the other hand without moving your forearms or wrists a lot. The ball still in the middle of your hand is called a rider, and this possition is called a basket.
Take the third ball and place it on your left hand, like you did first on your rght, with the basket still there, throw the non-rider ball without letting go of the rider, and while it’s at its highest point, throw the next ball. “Throw, throw, catch, catch” is something you may want to say out loud, this is the hardest step so far, but you’ll look and feel like a real juggler once you master this. This step is called the two-ball toss.
Once you have mastered this, try it by, when the ball from your left hand is at it’s highest point throw the rider, when you’re done, basket. Now it’s “Throw, throw, catch, throw, catch, throw, catch…”
Once you have done this, you can try to juggle going up stairs, sitting down, lying down, etc. From that last step, you’re on your own, pal…Jugglers may post tips and tricks, point out mistakes, like Wikipedia, and please remember, juggling, like uni-ing, has a bad reputation for being circus-y, but it’s also safe and extreme, as much as you want it to be. :sunglasses: Good luck!

I can juggle 3 clubs while unicyling:p

Awesome! I can’t get past the two-ball toss…Play-doh balls aren’t exactly the best juggling balls… :roll_eyes: Board markers don’t make good clubs either (uh…maybe they were better than play-doh?)

I prefer to juggle lemons and limes.

I couldn’t juggle three balls until a friend of mine told me to “just do it”. And I did!

Ha ha! I hate the fact that the balls just roll around the floor when you drop them…if they have juggling balls, can’t they have juggling cubes? for learning? :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone diabolo on a unicycle?

i can juggle torches on a unicycle and breath fire

AWESOME! My sister wanted to be a fire spinner, before uni-ing I wanted to:
~scooter!I could hop about 6 inches, and then I learned to ride my bike, my scooter got rusty…
~play keyboard
~drawing(still do it from time to time; unavoidable)
~baton twirling(technically fire spinning without the fire…uh, spinning? :stuck_out_tongue: )
and did…a little bit, eventually it got too hard and I gave up (uh…)
and now it’s just uni-ing. Over the weekend maybe I could get my sister’s boyfriend to teach me how to juggle, he does
~baton twirling(I have the baton, surprisingly, it’s not rusty, and even my unicycle’s rusty and I use it :thinking: )
~free running(a.k.a. parkour and the “selling out?” square explains uni-ing too, will commercializing it ruin it? Yes.)
~Apparently now he’s an actor…feels weird to know an actor.
~he used to have his own radio show, Sabados Juveniles (Juvenile Saturdays) until a lame 12-year-old took over. It wasn’t cool ever since.
~Juggles the first 3 balls he finds
~Skimboards(I think)
And he does all that well…I’m wondering how you can do all that so well! EVERYTHING!

Yeah i reccommend leanrning how to juggle while riding, it will force you to be able to ride no matter where your arms are:)

it gets real hard when u try things like backcrosses and under the leg! :slight_smile:

I have to get a tennis ball…eventually. I have to others. I still can’t juggle well. I can get 3 revs. aprox. 1-footed. As soon as I can get it and do under the leg on the unicycle… That’s crazy, though.