Josue Barreto Basket,muni,trials,Weekends puerto Rico

I just want to know , the best date to event=2E december?
i will find free loadging for all participant competitor
and non competitor=2E the meyer of Rio Grande will help me=2E
trursday beach welcme partyfriday- basketball saturdy -muni
sunday- trials at skate park=2E

let me know all propousals=2E and a list of posible
people attemp the event=2E

john you can help me alot
e-mail me=2E=20

How about the week between Christmas and the New Year? Most schools are closed during this time and, too, businesses are slow during this time.


I can’t commit to going to Puerto Rico, but I would definitely think about it if it were the week between Christmas and New Years’; I have that week off.