Joe Rowing

I have tried to email you a few times, (but the postman has returned them unopened) to find out if you can join us this weekend - Sat 20th Seathwaite Car park 10am - 11am if you can.

Hows uni going?

Have you got any other email addresses other than pedalme?

Simon :angry:

Hello - Yes I have recieved them this morning. What with moving house etc I’ve not had access to my emails for a little while now.

I’ll know if I can make it by Wed.

Uni is going good - just about to start first bit.


Please title threads like this with the word “ping” in it. Putting it in the Just Conversation forum would be nice, also. I saw the title and thought obituary right away. I don’t like the idea of losing one of unicycling’s premier design engineers. What a relief.

I know people always use “Ping”, but wouldn’t “Paging” be a more accurate term to use?

A “ping” in computer use is a contentless transmission intended only to establish the fact that there is a valid communication path.

A “page” in people communication use is a transmission, the content of which is a query for the recipient to respond with the intent of establishing a dialog.

Maybe a geeky distinction, but in the computer world there is a huge difference.

Can I, then, recommend the establishment of a new international standard for establishing contact through offline textual means?

“Ahoy there, <insert name here> me heartie!”



I’m not really sure if I like the whole ahoi there thing, but it sure does make me want to swashbuckle something. So it cant be all bad eh?


not so much surfing the information highway
as buccaneering on the information high seas.

so we can replace “ACK” with “ARRR!, me heartie”

and provisions must be made to protect against DDOS attacks, by hijacking multiple vessels and getting them all to send “Ahoy there” repeatedly leaving the coprimised pirate unable to say anything but “ARRR!” untill he has replied to all the “Ahoy there” calls.

I like “ping!”

It always reminds me of someone sitting in a classroom with a peashooter and blasting someone sitting toward the front of the class, trying to get his attention. (Ping is the sound that results as the pea makes contact with the back of the head and wakes the person up.)

Is that what “ping” is supposed to mean? Or do I live in a world of my own?


Ping is actually a term from submarine warfare.

(But I like Carol’s explanation much better:D )

Transmission Control Pirate / Internet Pirate… I like it… :slight_smile:


Hee hee I like the pea thing too.

Well computer guys got it from sonar. It does the same thing in both realms: “ah, there is something out there”.

I think all the pirate stuff would only be valid on the 19th. :wink:

Oh, and “ACK” – isn’t that the sound the parrot makes, who sits on the pirate’s shoulder? :roll_eyes:

I thought that was Awk.

buc-ACK! is the sound my hens make when they’re laying.:slight_smile:


I am familiar with pings from using MSNChat. Using a script you can ping someone using a number in seconds, they return the same number and the script can calculate how long it took for the reply to come back by subtracting it from the current time in seconds, determining their lag. Troublemakers abuse this feature by sending floods of pings, forcing unprotected users to reply more times than they are allowed to, disconnecting them from the server. I too like Carol’s description of Ping being onomatopoeia for a pea hitting the back of someone’s head. It makes the most sense that way.

He he - Not dead yet, tired but not dead.


Yo Ho Ho , avast the mainsail, slice the cranks and lash the wheel.