Joe Hodges 128cm hop!

Joe Hodges 128

Sick! First a frontflip and now 128…
124 was his old record right? Is this one official cause hits at unicon?

It’s not over a bar, it wasn’t measured in the video… I know I can count the pallets, but the top one where he landed was broken all the way down. Still a great hop.

125 was his old record.
Mark Fab got 128 aswwell, with hand.

lol i knew he would get near 130cm someday.Man he is a nutter and what is with the super creaky uni lol.Sounds like the spokes are gonna fly out and stab him

It broke when he landed on it

lol argh now i have even more cm to go up before i get it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats cool. :sunglasses: I could only hop like 5 of those.

i consider that landed on the top, it’s not his fault it broke, and he was controlled on top of it.

Awesome, totally sick.

Lol what a beast of a prehop. Lol whats next? A prehop for his pre-prehop?

F*** i wish I went to unicon :frowning:

hah sorry. I only watched it once, i thought it was broke before the hop. nevermind, carry on. :stuck_out_tongue:

we forget you :roll_eyes:

So whats the deal with the broken pallet, does his hop still “count”?

Yes of course it does. He still made the height and landed on it, but all the pressure and weight made it break.

Is it clean because the pallet he hop one cracks :thinking:

I just wanna ask… is this really what unicon was using as for high jump? or is this just joe hopping up a bunch of pallets for funs and breaking a record? I would imagine Unicon would have the high jump bar to clear over, which is harder mentally.

It was not in comp. Just free time I think.

That pre-hop looked much more agressive than anything i’ve seen him do befor.

Saw this, Joe put it as a comment to the clip.
Does anyone know if this was with a tap of his hand??? That is insane!

And why didn’s he get out the tape measure? I believe him but others may not…

!!! cmon fabian !!! .Theyre getting near the height of trials bikers :astonished: