Joe Campbell video 5

hey guys heres joes latest video. its some of the best riding i have ever seen from anyone. the whole time he was making it he told me he wanted it to teach a lesson to everyone that watched it. enjoy!

I just watched that.

Man, that HUGE 720 drop was awesome. That was probably the first legit 720 ever landed.

Edit: The vid was otherwise good, but there were still a bit too many pedal grabs in it for my taste.

The 540 from rail pedalgrab was the best Pele…
But maybe not because it was a grab.

The huge up rail was nice too

Your avatar says it best! :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Huh? What was that all about? I didn’t bother watching it. Where was the riding?


what are you talking about it was 19 minutes of the most gloriose riding you have ever seen. theres no messing around in that video.

Haha, shut up Émile! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, basically it was a joke, and Pele and Max were just going along with the joke?


more informative than the average unicycling video!
physics and calculus…mmm

ya its the perfect uni vid for you spence. you can study and watch a uni vid AT THE SAME TIME!!!

fucking gay

that was pretty fuckin gay joke guys



I actually watched the whole thing, expecting a unicycling physics demonstration, lol. It looks like it was filmed in his living room, and only one person is asking questions. Is this like a tutoring session or what?

Joe’s getting his teaching credential and for one of his classes he had to film himself teaching a lesson. He put it on vimeo to send it to the teacher.

oh my god dude! you are as good as joe hodges for sure now. that was a crazy 150 cm side hop by the way. I wish i could do that…

I loved that 11ft flat gap between those sky scrapers too!

Amazing!!! Best video posted here in years!

I think the best part was when I thought you were going to do a pedalgrab on a rail, but you just 3spinned all the way up! That’s stylish, street and trials mixed! :astonished:

the best part was when you were playing with the redbull at begining…