JOE Campbell Vid 4

What do you guys think?

The Bridge Drop Was Wild.
The music got me into it, now i want to ride. :wink:

wow :astonished:
that was a awesom video some of those drops were insane.


damn… Joe said it was going to be amazing… and he was right. haha Spencer(or Joe) should email me the original file… ASAP.


:astonished: Amazing! :smiley:

Good stuff. Now I feel like if I want to be that good I have to start filming in black and white, and use Drum’n’Bass or dubstep or something for the music.

sweet!!! looks good dude. im still pissed i didnt get a chance to land that drop. i next time im there that drop is mine. :wink:

nice vid
why was a koxx logo in the vid?

Ask Joe, I didn’t edit it so I don’t have the file.

Joe’s sponsored by renegade juggling and they’re the US k1 distributor.

insane vid, very good hop,pedalgrabs…
the editing and music were also very good :roll_eyes:

Sweeeet vid :)!

awesome. that was crazy

Tight video. Who would want to be a gangster though? Selling drugs and getting shot or arressted doesn’t sound to much fun to me.

I figured. haha I’ll have to bug him a bit tonight when I get home so I can get that from him.

Why hasn’t someone mentioned his lack of rolling out on big drops?
He must break or bend rims like butter this way.
Someone should teach him the art of landing smoothly…
Other then that great stuff!

Loved the video but,

I don’t really like pedal grabs and I don’t really like drops. They looked harsh man. I saw him go to rubber at 2:50 or something, which was nice. It takes a lot of skill to pedal grab railings, and balls, I’ve neither yet, but it looks way more impressive when going to rubber.

Great edit and music, fit well.

yeah i really like his style, the way he drops is different. Seems to work for him though.

Fave part was the fire hydrent (sp?) for sure! ( ive never spelt that before, hahaha wierd)

awesome stuff man, cant wait to see more.

Cool stuff in there.
My favourite part was the fire hydrant too. :smiley: