January 5, 2011- Day Edit

Just one hour of filming, I tried to vary the angles a bit though and several hours went into the edit. Comments are good, and constructive criticism is great too. :slight_smile:

The crank idle was amazing, and you already broke your new pedals! I guess they had to offset the lifespan of your old ones. I’m so jealous:p

Probably your best video for edit/filming. The tricks were nice to and looked flowy.
Time to buy some decent pedals- a.k.a. Fly Ruben graphites…

edit: Only just saw the words under the video. Your effort paid off in my opinion.

Good edit. Definitely makes for a nicer watch. Great work on the tricks too… you really stomp that tire for your 540 prehop though.

can´t see in Germmany!!!

Great vid!!!
Enjoyed every sec…

You are probably one of those who evolves the most atm. Really impressive to see you do advanced rolls and handrails and compare that to what i remember of you from last winter/spring.

I’m sure i will see some good riding from you on EUC, see you there! Btw, great vid!

Great! I liked the editing a lot. I think you should try to get used to a slightly lower tire pressure :stuck_out_tongue:

:astonished: fantastic video!!!

Germany always mutes my videos! I uploaded it to vimeo now:


Thanks dude! I checked out those pedals, they look pretty nice, I may have to try some.

Thanks man, it means a lot. :slight_smile: Yes EUC will be sick, I can’t wait!

Thanks! Is that a bad thing??

Lower pressure is definitely easier for spins, but I like being able to go ride street and not change my pressure cause I’m too lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice chainsaw :stuck_out_tongue: , oh and nice riding!

Great video!!! Varial roll to outside roll and 540-sidejump-540 were awesome!

Thank you!Nice 540´s!