J'akob's Pure Trials

Finaly! I did make a pure trials video! So anyway, all the footage is from yesterday’s ride, I got all the good lines around my mom’s house, I know some of you wanted to see a good video from me, so here it is. The first 2 minutes is the best editing I’ve ever done, it’s all synchronized with the music, and the rest is crappy, but the riding is still good :sunglasses:


Comments please:)

48 minutes?! I cant wait 48 minutes :frowning: I want to see JACO FLANS RIDE NOW.

30 seconds! i can’t wait! :smiley:

sweet video! that standstill was really good, and the static up the stairs (i wish i could do that haha) :smiley:

how big was that first hop? :open_mouth: must be at least 100
amazing video, you’re awesome :smiley:

Enjoyed that very much, very nice style.

It was only 96cm:( I still didn’t found my 100cm, and it’s my last goal for the summer.

Thanks for the comments everyones:) I may do another video of Pure trials next week, but around my father’s place instead of my mom’s:p

whoa! :astonished: damn dude your good. I though I was better than you from your last vid but, you did some damn impressive stuff (like your awesome static and still standing).
Really loved it :smiley:

damn, your longjump is massive

Haha! I like your comment:) I said in the thread and in the info of my last video that the riding wasn’t my best, it was just fun riding I do everyday. But thanks alot:) You’re pretty good too!

Longjump? I didn’t do any big gaps in this vid:p But thanks!:slight_smile:

Is the 90 inches long jump you wrote in your signature done static or rolling ?

and come to Naucc next year,ride with me,max,joe h and joe c

That long jump was rolling and I did it like 2 years ago, it was when I had my all stock Devil.

I’d really like to come to NAUCC next year, but I dont think I’ll have the money for it:( I’m saving for UNICON XVI right now… Plus I dont have a job… But I’ll try, it would be amazing to ride with you, max, joe h and joe c!

Nice vid :slight_smile:
riding was pretty good :wink:

In your next vid I want to see you riding the rail @1:30, with the smal gap in the middle :slight_smile:
And I think it would have been nicer if you would do the set @ 2:30 with a prehop… so you can go to the top ^^ (looks better)

But I still enoyed it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll do the whole skinny next time, it was actualy what I wanted to do but I ended up just doing a long standstill:p
As for the 6 set, I’ll try to do it but my static sidehop is just a tiny bit lower than with a prehop. I’ll try to get it soon:)

Thanks for comments:) It’s the video I’ve gotten the most comments yet:p

I really enjoyed this video. I like that you hop static much. Just awesome! :slight_smile: