Jagur photo: further attempt.

For some reason, it’s not attaching. I’ve resized it. try again:

This is starting to wear a bit thin now. Rescanned it in lower resolution. See if that works.

Re: Jagur photo: further attempt.

Not sure if this is the problem, but don’t preview the post before sending. It tends to detach the image file for some reason.

Another attempt. Thsi time, I’ve scanned it at 1 dot per bloomin’ inch.

Yaaay! Go me! I finally did it. All this technology!

Mikefule, you have become a computer wizard! :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats! I too get a little frustrated with doing new things on a computer, it seems so easy for some people. I applaud your perserverance.


Hehe, and I wrote the bit about “chicks dig us” :slight_smile:

I’ve still got the e-mail in my “sent items”… here’s the full one (they snipped it)

There was an article in the April issue of FHM that read “… There’s nothing remotely cool about a unicycle. Clowns ride them. And so do street artists who smell…”

FHM you should eat a rat, you guys are dead wrong, me and my mates do offroad & trials unicycling and it’s hell cool and the chicks dig us. Order yourselves the Universe2 dvd from unicycle.com if you don’t believe me. In fact, I reckon you dudes should do an interview with one of the top extreme unicyclists, it’d make an interesting, funny and very cool article. Check out www.krisholm.com (he’s like the Tony Hawk of unicycles) and uh, I dunno search the web for “MUni” (that stands for “mountain unicycling”)


And for our older readers? :astonished:

Babelfish suggests: "I strongly disagree with your recent article. Unicycling is an enjoyable hobby, often spectacular to watch, and it excites the approbation of young people - and particularly young women. May I suggest that your journalists make enquiries at the following websites…:stuck_out_tongue:

You, Sir, are a funny, funny man. Now come wash the this soda off my monitor- it’s your fault, after all.


Good call dude

By the way, incase you’re curious about why I demanded that they “eat a rat”, it’s coz in their orignal article they said something bout how street performers ride unicycles and eat rats.

thanx Mike. i wish they picked a better photo than that one, there certainly are better. i dont think i ever posted that pic in the forums so i think they must have grabbed it from my gallery.

i dont like how they put my name under their words like it was my quote or somthing…oh well at least it wasnt a pic of me falling on my face.

here is the original pic they used. its from the Salem Oregon Skatepark about a year ago when i still had a Summit…


It’s cool that you made it into print but it’s a drag they still felt the need to slam you with the “Frankly Yes” crap.

  • Frank

Jagur, you damn clown… :wink:

Holy Crap, Jagur your the poster child for “Cool” unicycling? We are in trouble now.:smiley: You are right though, they could have picked a much more extreme shot of you. Like one of those from the video you will be in.

Hey Jagur, if they didn’t get your permission to use your photo then maybe you get get them to do a full objective article in exchange for you not sueing them or something?! :wink:

did anyone think to try n speak to them in a language they can understand and send them a copy of that T-shirt?

I can see it now,
“Jagur, international unicycling star”