Jacob Spera- Downhill day edit

ive been riding some muni lately because i find it good training for street and its just awesome fun :smiley:

Url:: http://unicycle.tv/video/1265-JacobSpera-Downhilldayedit
Video:: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1265.jacobspera-downhilldayedit.mp4

Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

The video is blocked in some countries on youtube but here yeah go


beaast as usual. but dood wtf, i downloaded it cause i couldn’t watch it on utv b4 you posted the youtoob link, and it came allll fucked up. like the vid kept glitching every second and making everything fuzzy

So strange dood :confused:

I think it was the format i rendered this one in. I have had this happen before with UTV soooo i think i know what the problem is. Sorry about that guys.

And thanks for letting me know to!


I get a similar thing streeming on utv. Not killing the experience, but a bit annoying.

Youtube was nice and smooth for me.

Good to see more muni videos :).
For me it worked fine on utv, thanks for uploading it not only on youtube.

Sucky thing for videos like this is that when you bail you can’t see how good the bail is :P. And its hard to see how technical the lines are like this too… Good practice for street eh??? Lets see that then :smiley:

Nice man,it must be good for street cause you know hopping up hills is good for trials :phttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxk9-aTThog
1:18 unicycle bounces down the hill and later on my friend goes over the handle bars

It’s cool to see you riding muni! That looks like an awesome place to ride too!

haha dont worry Chris my heart will be with street <3

I really didnt have any bad falls that day making this video :smiley:

What i really want to do is to get a GoPro and hook it up to my helmet or put it on a stick like some people do and i think that would give a really cool affect to see how wicked the hills are.

Oh and Lutz cant wait to ride with you :smiley: :smiley:

your video making has improved so dramatically! the editing was quite nice and some of those shots looked so pretty with the land formations and the plenty of nice sky and clouds. mustve been annoying setting up the camera so friggin far away then running to the spot. the last shot with the red bull can was a good closing shot.
only problems are the last riding shot let you down in all 3 fields: riding (too much hoping), filming (i could barely see you from that far back) and editing (the black pause).
also are you still using Vegas? how are you getting that orange film exposure effect/transition? ive been wanting that transition for years and seeing it happen in actual film rushes is just awesome.

Yeah dont blame you for not liking the last shot, i didnt like it all but i put it in there since i had such a hard time with the hill and because it was so big. I did the pause cause there was a pause in the song and just wanted to see if it would even work.

Glad you liked the edit though :wink:

Great vid Jacob…It looks like a cool place to ride :slight_smile:

Pritty sweet video man!