Jacksonville Unicycling

I live just south of St. Aug in Flagler County, but I’m unable to ride unassisted. (No practice space), but it’s still cool to know other people in the area. Does anyone do commuting/touring or is this all trick riders?

Whoops, I see I’ve left a response already!

I did it!

The weather was soooo beautiful today. As soon as the last student FINALLY left class, I grabbed my keys and headed out. I wasn’t sure where I was going. Should I Muni, try some hills, relax with a slow ride at the park or find something new? I ended up at Friendship Park. A most excellent choice for such a beautiful Friday afternoon. After warming up around the fountain I breezed over the Main Street Bridge, passed the Landing, and leisurely rode along the St. Johns. Boats passing, joggers running hither, people strolling after work, cyclists zooming by. It was pleasant to be part of it.

Then I tackled the elevated platform that takes you over the railroad tracks. A bicyclist behind me had to dismount and push his bke up so you can imagine my amazement when I reached the top with no dismounts. Every single level! Yes, I was tired. But so thrilled! So yet again I faced that crazy hill that could be very steep if it weren’t made in sections, I decided to push on and see where this route led. So down down down and then along walkways with the St. Johns River lashing the concrete to my left. Access to the river ended near the interstate so I headed back via Rosselle and Riverside Ave. There were spots along Riverside where the sidewalk was closed, so naturally I moved into the bke lane with all the traffic. I don’t know if the cars were comfortable, but I was. :wink: And obviously, I survived it.

I planned to get back to the river by riding behind some building, but never found a good spot. So suddenly I found myself at the base of the Acosta. And yes. I did it. I went up and over the Acosta. What an amazing view. It was a fantastic ride with so little barrier between me and the river below. The wind was blowing and a car from the skyway even passed by. I completed the loop by Friendship Park. So excited that I finally tried and made the loop. I mean I am I didn’t break any speed records, but it was a doable ride.

Only one thing would have made it better? Someone to ride with.
A beautiful day.
A beautiful ride.
I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Maybe some MUNI? :slight_smile:

I LIVE IN JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA TOO!!! I didn’t know there were other riders here in this god forsaken town.

I’ll resurrect this zombie thread. . .

Is anyone up for riding in or around Jax? Just moved here and upgraded to a Muni. I’ve found a few nice parks with some trails, but I’d really like to find some folks to ride with.


Bueller? Bueller?

Univex lives in Jacksonville. Click my name and look at my friends list, hes on it.

Have you checked out this thread? First (Occasional) Florida mUni Meetup

I am in Ocala right here by Santos which is great for Muni.


she’s alive

I’m still here. Keep this thread alive and maybe there is hope for a nice unicycle club someday.

I ride in Jax, St. Augustine, and have discovered the rail trails in Palm Coast.

whendo you ride in st. augustine and where?? I’m ALWAYS downtown st. aug because of the many things for trials

Hi DSchmitt,

I ride around Anastasia State park on the beach across the bridge to Castillo. Also around the back area by the amphitheatre.

Sometimes around Marineland around the boardwalk. Washington oaks trails… though I haven’t been there in a while.

I’m working out a ride to go from Washington Oaks to the Palm Coast. It seems like a nice ride.

And you?

edited for: oh sorry. You asked when too. Whenever I can. I live in south Jax so it isn’t a long trip for me.

unbelievable. I can’t believe I haven’t seen you then. I ride my 36" in anastasia state park, near the ampitheater as well… Theres like the administration entrance, and then a “restricted area” sign that I pass anyway and theres a little vehicle trail that’s decently long. The nature trail is also short, but fun. I also like continuing onto the beach from there.

I only ride the 20" downtown and at vilano beach.

My dad also rides a unicycle, but only once a week or so.

and what are these palm coast trails you speak of? lol

Wow. That’s incredible. I’ll bet you are the other coker rider I’ve heard about from the park rangers. !!

I’ve never been to Vilano let alone ride there… Is it nice? So cool that your dad rides too. I did ride the nature trail at Anastasia but only once and felt terribly guilty cause bicyclists are not supposed to ride it. But I ride the fire roads out there a lot when I’m camping. They are nice, wide, and long enough.

I found the new Lehigh railtrail in Palm Coast recently. It is paved but right now only a little over 4 miles long. But a nice route through the trail and down a few more roads over the intercoastal (beautiful climb!) and to the beach stretches the ride. There are plans to extend the railtrail west several more miles.

Around Lehigh are some off road trails too called Graham Swamp. I haven’t been there yet but plan to someday. Have you hear of them?

I rode the nature trail once on the 24 and once on the 29 lol. I figure im not doing any skidding or anything so its not doing any damage, lol.

yeah vilano is really nice. so many places to ride including guana river state park which has a 6 mile trail or so.

I didnt know about any trails in palm coast. I’m going to have to check them out.

ah Guana. That’s right. I’d been meaning to get out there some day. Puttin’ it on my list to do…

Keep in touch on this thread. I really hope someday our area can work out a regular informal ride. Take care.

You too.

I guess theres a lot more unicyclers around here than I thought.

I actually met another unicyclist about 2 years ago while I was riding my bike…It was sad…i came up behind him while he was riding and said hey, and he turns to look at me and his face was all bloody, he said he had just done a faceplant.

^^^Are you guys the Coker riders the local bikers keep telling me join in on local bike rides?

I haven’t made the Coker leap yet (although I’d like to. . .), but I rock my 24" MUNI at Tillie Fowler Park (used to be Westside Regional Park) across from NAS Jax 3 or 4 days a week.

Most of the trails would probably be okay for a Coker. . .


I’d almost bet you were talking about Kyle and company from Lakeshore Schwinn. They have been more than helpful with nearly every unicycle need I have.

Tillie Fowler is a nice local place to ride. I haven’t ridden my Coker off the pavement there but perhaps someday. I used to ride my 29 there but haven’t in awhile.

You should check out this Florida Muni meet up thread. Thos guys organize a lot of weekend rides not to far from you (most of their rides are only an hour or two from Ocala, Fl I do believe).
Forgot the link.:stuck_out_tongue:

Those of you on this thread please write some of your recommendation for local places to ride close to our area. Indicate if it is for muni, touring, trials, hills, beach etc.

My recommendations are for nice quiet riding. Lots of nature to enjoy, etc.

Tillie Fowler
Washington Oaks


Paved Trails
Lehigh Rail
Nocatee Parkway

Acosta-Main Street Bridgee Loop
Wonderwood Blvd Intercoastal
Palm Valley/ Nocatee Intercoastal
Moody (100) in Flagler
Vilano Beach Causeway (1A)

I ride bridges including intercoastal that have a partitioned section for pedestrians. It makes me feel safer and is more enjoyable especially to stop at the top and enjoy the view. So there are several other intercoastal bridges like the one on Atlantic Blvd that I didn’t mention.

Some of these places I combine into one ride, for example Lehigh Rail trail combined with the intercoastal bridge (100) to the beach makes a nice ride. Hanna Park over the Wonderwood intercoastal then down the Kernan mulipurpose path would be a good spot for touring practice although there is not a lot of tree canopy. Looking forward to seeing a list of some of your favorite spots so I can expand my own.

im going to have to check out washington oaks. How long are the trails there?

The trails are not extensive and not technical. They are for hiking and biking and are only about 2 miles but I enjoy riding there because it is quiet and there is so much to see. There is coastal scrub, wildlife like turtles, manatees, variety of birds, and of course plant life. There is a nice picnic area, fishing, access to the beach across A1A, not to mention the formal gardens.

This park is what I like to call a “hybrid park”. I enjoy visiting and riding alone but it is also a beautiful spot to bring family/ friends and still get in a ride without feeling guilty or neglecting anyone. While others are digesting their picnic lunch and chatting, I can do a quick ride and hardly be missed. :slight_smile: