Jacksonville Unicycling

I live in jacksonville, FL and was wondering if there are some people to around who unicycle. I haven’t did it in a couple years and just got sparked back into it. I had friends in chicago I use to ride with, but I moved and it’s alot more fun to ride with others.

well…i live in st. augustine…where in jax do you live?

Southside. By Baymeadows and 9A.

I lived in St. Augustine when I first moved here for a year.
What part do you live at?

kinda on the northside of st. aug. I live off of sr-16. Bout 5 mins from 95.

If you want, maybe we could get together and ride sometime.

I have a semcycle 20" freestyle and a 24" pashley Muni. The Muni is still in Illinois but I’m having it shipped soon. I also ordered a Torker trials. It’s on it’s way.

Where do you usually ride at?

I ususally ride downtown. Occasionally I muni…but theres really hardly anywhere to ride muni here…I want a hilly place.

yeah, in a week or so i’d be up for riding. I really messed up bad recently and fell horribly on my tailbone so i’m takin a lil rest.


Yo I live in Jacksonville on the westside near NAS (the naval air station). My friend and I both ride offroad and we just ran into another guys last week. There’s a place right in front of NAS called Westside regional park we ride there a lot there is a few wooden bridges and nice drops pretty much its a fun place to ride.


Thank you for mentioning Westside Regional Park. I’d been there many years ago, but it never crossed my mind that it would be a great place to unicycle.

I went there last weekend and then again today. The best part about the park was the variety of surfaces. A cool brick road, paths with tree roots, smooth dirt paths, paved paths, wooden bridges and walkways (WITH rails!) a special off road area just for bikes, and bountiful trails that bring you close to Florida nature. Oh, I didn’t even mention the generous wide road leading up to the park.

The paved paths, brick road, and numerous curves gave me just enough bumps and obstacles to make the trip worthwhile.

I’d been lurking in the forums for a week but just had to join to thank you. :slight_smile:

No Problem.

Anyone else from this area know any other good places to unicycle?

Or where NOT to?

Hanna Park, San Felasco (north of Gainesville) thats the only ones that I ride mostly

this has a whole list of places in Florida

I like the advanced search offered on that site. Thanks.

Do Hanna Park and San Felasco have paved trails? Or is it mostly sand covered with pine needles?

I haven’t been to Hanna in years so I barely remember anything about it. I’ve never heard of San Felasco but googled it. It sounds like a nice park to look into.

I guess I should have specified. I haven’t ridden on anything but pavement and cobblestone. (and short spirts across dirt or low grass to get from one paved surface to another.)

I can’t wait for my AX-29 to come in so have an extra uni to teach someone around here. I’m looking for victims! :smiley:

Seriously though, if someone around here is going to learn they have to have access to a uni every day. Whether I am around or not. There is no way I can lend the only uni I have. NO WAY. After the recent stolen uni thread I’ve been keeping a close eye on this one. It is nothing special but if it got “lost” with no backup?! :astonished:

Still looking for Jax unicyclists. I’ve heard that Friendship park (by the fountain) is the best place to meet someone to run or bike with. I don’t know how the ride is around there though I might check it out one day.

i live in tx, but i come to st augustine beach every year for a week vacation. we have 2 cheap freestyle unicycles stored there at my girlfriend’s father’s house. her 12 year old son also rides. we’ll be there this year the first week of june.

-eric and brendan

If this is an invitation to meet up and ride. I accept! :smiley:

Anastasia State Park

I took a trip to Anastasia in St. Augustine today. On the way over the draw bridge next to the Bridge of Lions, I had this urge to get out of the car and just uni across. The bridge has a nice slope to it and since hills are hard to come by around here I try to take every opportunity.

The boardwalk overlooking the beach in the park had a nice slope to it too. Of course I ignored the “no bicycles” sign and went over it several times. :wink:

The trails were ok riding … well parts of them were… every so often I’d hit a patch of very soft deep sand and have to dismount. It was frustrating. I’m thinking that Hanna Park is probably the same but will check it out later anyway.

At the entrance to Anastasia Park is the Old Spanish Coquina quarry. I ignored the no bicycle sign there as well and tried some of the paths. Covered with broken shells they provided a lot better traction, but sadly the path I was on was shorter than I expected and led right out to the ampitheater. :frowning:

If I were spending time with my family at the beach or camping it would be a nice place to take along a unicycle but just for day unicycling I think I can find better places.

On my way back to Jax I got stuck in traffic before the drawbridge which gave me just enough time to read the “WALK BIKES ACROSS THE BRIDGE” sign. Now that realllllllllly made me want to get out of the car and ride across. :smiley:

I passed Ft. Moses coming out of St. Augustine. I haven’t been there in years but might give it a try too.

I know the thread title says Jacksonville… but it’s all good, isn’t it? :smiley:

Yea, I imagine off road unicycling anywhere near st augustine wouldn’t be great - too much sand. i’d be into uni basketball or hockey. or a downtown ride.

maybe i should get phone numbers or email addresses for when i’m there between may 30th and june 6th. PM me if you’d like.

Wow that is so odd…exaclty 2 days ago I cokered that EXACT ride, although in the opposite direction because i entered from that construction entrance. you should find the actual nature trail if you didn’t already. it’s decently long… and sorta hilly. Really the best thing you’ll find in st. aug.
o btw i live in st. aug

Wow… “decently long”… I think I should give it another shot. :slight_smile:
I reentered the park by going down the ampitheater road to A1A. Just past the construction was a gravel road that looked like it needed exploring. Do you know where it goes?

In my earlier write up I forgot to mention the riding by the campsites. I went up the road and in and out of every campsite loop (again totally ignoring signs that said “registered campers only”) The loops were shaded with beautiful oak trees. It was a pleasant ride. At the end of the long road there is a trail that curves to the left along the fence line. That is mostly where I hit sand. I’m thinking that with more momentum (more confidence) and a different uni the ride might have been a lot better.

I live in the southern part of Jacksonville… so I’m real close to St. Augustine. We’re neighbors. :smiley: