I've read every unispins tut- what's going on!?

I actually printed out the 2-page unispins tut. that maximus unius wrote and followed it step-by-step.

Yet whenever I spin the uni I can’t help but push my feet on either side because I’m too scared of shinning myself on the pedals or something.

I just can’t get the feel of it no matter what I do. I need some serious help on how I can get confident enough to try to land on the pedals.


DO you have 661s or any type of shin guard?

If you do, then dont worry about getting cut up, you may get a bruise or just be sore for a few, but at least you wont be getting sliced up from your pedals.

You can also try learning 180 jump mounts, spin the uni 180 and jump onto it at the same time, and land SIF, so you have less chance of racking yourself, then once you get used to those, just try a unispin. =p

Can I hurt my legs if i have plastic pedals and no shin guards? :thinking:

Yes, platsics can still rip some skin off, and leave some good bruises, but they are a lot safer to use, if that makes sense.

Yeah, I sorta skipped the 180 mount :stuck_out_tongue: It was too hard… and my legs are already covered in bruises and cuts. I have metal pedals :frowning:

get shin guards.






you skipped the 180 mount coz it was to hard lol the whole point of learning how 2 do it is because its a step 2 learning uni spins
I learned by:

  1. hold the uni with pedals level learn to jump mount and land with SIF (should take only a few attempts to get it right)

2.practice how your going to spin the uni then learn 180 jump mounts (if your good at jump mounts it should only take a few attemps to land)

3.get on ur uni get SIF and just try and put it together, remember to throw your feet in then you just need to concentrate on keeping the uni under you if it goes out in front of you just move it under you a bit (this will take longer, just were pads and keep trying)

This worked well for me and i could do it within a few days the hardest bit I found was geting the uni in the right place under me so just conentrate on it

I had a lot of trouble doing it too. I learned it without pads.

What I did that I found useful was the 90 degree spin onto tire. I hop there, and go back to the original position. This got me confident about 180s and they are down pat now.

Good Luck!

I still can’t do them probealy, but you should learn the 180 jump mount first :roll_eyes:

I thought you followed, my tutorial step by step… or does following it step by step exclude one of the most important parts?

Seriously, if you can’t do a basic 180 jump mount, then you will have a much harder time learning the actual unispin.

  1. do the tutorial from maximus… step by step, EVERY STEP until you can do them all

  2. wear shinys

  3. mixed em all together and go for it

Shinguards made me feel safe, when learning unispin. I find seat too big for unispins, my dodger was better for unispins. :roll_eyes: