IUF rules / Uphill Road Race equipment requirements at Unicon 20 France

What will people be wearing? I messaged the organizers and got a response that it counts as"muni" and thus:

MUni: closed shoes, knee pads, gloves or wrist guards, helmet / Shin, elbow and ankle pads recommended.

I really don’t want to wear knee pads up a 6% paved climb… Usually I just wear lightweight road cycling kit when doing rides like this.

Looking at some older IUF documents:

Knee pads: Any commercially made, thick version is acceptable, such as those used for
basketball and volleyball

How thick is “thick”?

Maybe @Maxence can be of some help here?

I think there has been a misunderstanding. “Uphill” is the name for a Muni race so the person who replied to you may have thought it’s what you were talking about. The “climbing road race” is a road race so you should meet road races requirements - which I honestly don’t remember, but they should be in one of our last newsletters.

Thanks, I’ll start being specific and calling it the “climbing road race” to not cause confusion.

The response I got was that both requires Muni equipment though.
The road equipment also shown below. If it’s just road racing requirements, that’d be great.

Hi @unicycleharry. I’ve just checked with the rest of the team and I confirm the climbing road race is considered as a road race, so only closed shoes, helmet and gloves are mandatory. The information you got in the mail is a mistake.
The uphill race, however, is a muni race and thus requires all the muni equipment: closed shoes, knee pads, gloves, helmet. As there may be some rocks you could fall on, this looks safer to us.

See you at Unicon 20! :smiley:

These are for direct low speed impact. Unicyclists are better off with hard shell sliders that will take the abrasion like those used for skateboarding.

Yeah… volleyball knee pads are great for indoor sport surfaces like polished wooden floors and they’ll let your body continue to slide along on the ground. Against outdoor surfaces they’ll tend to grip the ground on impact and they’ll probably come off your knee.

Awesome, thanks! See you at Unicon!

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