IUF Memberships-Jose Lopez

I talked to Jose Today. There is really no problem. He is not angry nor
frustated with the IUF, the USA, Ken, or Andy. He didn’t know the difference
between the IUF and the USA. Apparently, Charlie had given him the address
before Charlie left PR a couple of years ago. Jose is a very mild-mannered,
humble, well-intentioned person. He is starting a group of underpriviledge kids.
Although Jose doesn’t have a high salary, he is paying everything out of his
pocket. He doesn’t speak any English, so his cousin actually made the call.

His main interest in suscribing was to see ads of unicycles. He specifically
wants an ultimate wheel, and a Miyata type unicycle with a flat fork for
one-foot skills. I will put him in touch with Tom Miller & Semcycle.

I already sent him a copy of Uniciclismo Internacional. He says that what he
sent was a money order. It is very time consuming to get his money back. The
best solution will be if Ken deposits the MO, then sends the USA the $15.00.
Have the USA send the OOW until the $15.00 runs out. From then on, Jose & his
group will be treated as the rest of the Puerto Ricans, thru our Federacion.

Alberto Ruiz Ruizb@aol.com