IUF Membership

Hi :smiley:

I’m planning to go to UNICON 14… I had some good news this week and there are good chances of a sponsor :smiley:

I will fly alone to Denmark and I will join the CBC (Brazilian Ciclism Co-federation). I will have a special card with my name and this card can help me a lot in airports (some facilities).

I saw on IUF website that you can be a member of IUF, and i want to know: If i become a member, i will have any type of card, ID, certificate?

With this type of document I don’t need too many authorizations from my parents and i will have less trouble with my thing in airports!

Thanks, Pedro!


The IUF does not offer individual memberships. The membership cited in the bylaws that are posted on the IUF’s Web site is available to national unicycling organizations.

Tom Daniels
IUF Treasurer

What about a passport? It international isn’t it so couldn’t you apply for one in Brazil?

What kind of problems might you have? If you have a passport and a debit card you shouldn’t have many problems anywhere in the world, a credit card helps too though.

I look like I’m 15 and I’ve never had a problem at all travelling alone.

What does the CBC membership get you?

Well, Airports in Brazil aren’t a really cool place :o

With my CBC I can bring another uni with me without taxes. I don’t need an extra authorization to fly from Brazil and everything is fast in the airport.

In Denmark i’m pretty sure that will not use this type of document, but in Brazil it can be really helpful!

My passaport is in my hands right now… I made a new one last week, In my old one I was too young, and I tought that a new photo could be better :smiley:

IUF will not have an individual membership soon? Isn’t that important for the sport?

Thanks Again!
Hope to see you guys in Denmark!

I dont think that a pass from a unicycle organisation would help you on a airport in europe. If you want to take more unicycles with you you have to pay more if you would show something like a IUF pass to people on the airport it would take only longer to go in the plane because they think you are crazy.


I already said, in Europe it will not help me! In Brazil it will!

I will be the only unicyclist representing Brazil in UNICON, and a document that shows that i’m really going to a competition will help. Athlets have some facilities in the airport. I can bring other uni with me without any problems, but probably I will pay taxes and duties.

It looks crazy for you guys, but here it can help me :o I traveled for bike competitions and it helped me in the past! I will use the CBC card and maybe i will ask for a UCI card (I ride bike trials too, so it’s not a problem).

Thanks again!