it's the pedal, stupid!

Anyone who has problems with freemounting:
Get some DM pedals(or similar) with TRACTION PINS and you will be freemounting until the cows come home!

I replaced my sucky plastic pedals today on my Coker and now my success rate of freemount went from 1 of 10, to 1 out of 2!
The grip the traction pins provides is the difference. If I would of known, I would of gotten the pedals when I first got my Coker!

Having good rubber soles helps a bit also.
Hope this helps anyone who has problems with freemount.

yeah. it makes a world of difference, and most plastic pedals that are round are a lot smaller that the big chunky ones with the medal screws in them. BUT BEWARE if you ever get the metal ones in the shins man you will never foget it. I had two round holes in my shin, but the cool thing was that i could see my BONE :D. yeah now i have two circular scars on my shin.

What? Only two?

Congrats on improvement!

yeah only the very top traction thingy and the very bottom one broke my skin and went to the bone.

i agree only 2 thats impressive, that would be the only down side to the pins on pedals, i have around 15-20 different hole scars from the pedals that have been there since i fell when i was learning with metal pedals.

will they stay or will they eventually fade? my legs do look slightly discusting


‘Scars are manly and suggest character’

so I’m told anyway :roll_eyes:

pfft, Scars a badge of stupidity

That sounds more right.


mine havnt faded yet. :sunglasses: and i show them off to everyone

I wouldn’t worry much about having pinned pedals on a coker. Has anyone slahed up their shins falling off a coker?

When I fall off of mine the wheel is big enough that it pushes the unicycle away from me.
Not like the trials uni that WILL shred up my shins :roll_eyes:

The cheapo plastic pedals on one of my unicycles got knackered so I’ve just replaced them with metal studded pedals so I’m more confident about my feet not sliding on them as I ride along.

I don’t know how dangerous it will be, since the unicycle in question is my 6 foot giraffe…