It's that time again...

I notice a distinct lack of recent additions, even though there are loads of new names floating around… this is not acceptable!

Read this thread for threats from Sofa and instructions from Bruce on how to get a caption, and get uploading!


those threats from sofa worked, i just added two pictures.

“Faces” riding toward the sunset but still riding

It’s still there. Check it out and post up a photo. There’ve been many newcomers to the newsgroup, it’s time to send out a reminder.


I’d post, but the only picture of me that I have on the computer is one that was in the paper of me holding a Rubiks Cube up by my face. That just doesn’t fit in a unicycling forum.
I’ll post one as soon as I get it.

alright who put the pic up of Mitchell Bickford?

this is a notoriously funny mug shot (thats how i know his last name),and someone even got Yoopers to caption it…?

Hey JP,

I’m not sure it matters if your picture is “connected” with unicycling or not. The purpose of the gallery is to let others on the newsgroup see what you look like so your newsgroup posts would be more personal. Feel free to include your Rubik’s Cube photo.


I hear and obey… :astonished:

Actually I think folks can caption their own photos now.


OK, I added my mug to the gallery of doom! :wink:

there’s one of me on there too. (with the LOTUS v3.0)

btw, unijess, nice shoes.

Re: It’s that time again…

On Tue, 18 Nov 2003 22:42:27 -0600, James_Potter
<> wrote:

>me holding a Rubiks Cube up by my face. That
>just doesn’t fit in a unicycling forum.

In fact I would like a clear but non uni related picture better than
one of someone on a uni doing a difficult move or so, but on which
their face and other characteristic traits are hard to discern.

There must be a reason why it is called the ‘faces’ gallery.

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