IT's here - Mike Taylor

hey guys got my impact!! amazing just made this to show my biggest hops and stuff :slight_smile:

That is Crazy Mike! :slight_smile:


:astonished: wowwzah

your hops are amazing!! so good :slight_smile:

but I would like to see a real trial vid from you :stuck_out_tongue: not just high jumping,gaps,…
But really lines, with big and tech. things :smiley: I hope you Come to euc winter edition! :roll_eyes:

what is your all time highest hop?

its 137cm . i was getting my tyre on 138. and ive had my tyre on 141, needed more energy :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW, impressive Mike. Cool editing at the begining to.

How high is the nine pallet side hop at 0:29?? Its CRAZY :astonished: And how high is the hop at 0:49??
They’re all sick :smiley:

love the fact you dont pre-hop when you go to rubber, looks soo clean

137 cm and 112 cm :smiley:

You got that 8ft gap easily.You should do 9ft sif