its christmas, whats the bset uni for the buck

im looking to upgrade unicycles this christmas from my sun 20’’ which was my first uni that i got last christmas and im looking for something better. im not sure if it would be more sensable to buy a torker dx now and hope it lasts or wait a bit longer and save for a koxx one or kh. is the hub and rim on the dx gonna outlast the frame and just have to replace frames and seats and whatnot or would it be a better idea to jsut save for a koxxone

I’ve never heard of anything but the frame breaking… and that’s only the older ones.

I just got mine today, it feels like it will never break, very very solid.

My scale says 14 pounds, but I presume it’s off a couple pounds… KH20 is 12 pounds… my old uni reads 10 pounds on the scale (Norco Twenty, freestyle).

hows the torker dx seat? i bought a kh sseat awhile back that started out comfortably but lost its comfort quickly it seems maybee a less padded smaller seat such as koxxone style seat maybee more comfortable but ive never hadt he chance to try one out

Exactly the same as the old KH seats.

Mine chafes my leg when I hop around though because of the material on the side of the seat, I think I might chop it down a big too, big and fat like my old seat is, hard to pull out for Seat In Front.

What pants are you wearing? Jeans will chafe like mad on any seat. Or at least, they do that to me…

Dickies work pants.

I don’t have this issue on the regular KH seat, but the DX seat has a rubbery/leather red material on the side that grabs onto my pants.

Not quite. The seat on the DX is a little bit firmer and (in my opinion) is more comfortable.

Wearing bike shorts under your pants is a good solution to chafing, for me at least…


I never ride without bike shorts. They help a ton with chafing and comfort. They also keep your balls up and out of the way.

I think the rim/wheel set would break if you went a little too crazy on it;)