It's all in the head

Ok, so I was trying this mount and I got confused. So I tried again and put my left foot instead of the right on the pedal first to mount. I tried to mount and I couldnt. I got confused but then figured out that I was trying to mount with the wrong foot. But I noticed that I was a lot more under control when I didn’t know I was trying to mount with the wrong foot. Damn us and our brains.

yeah, I get the same thing when doing suicide mounts on my other side. I know that I can do it, because I can do a 180 mount on that side. It’s a bit odd. If there was a way to get over it, that’d be so awesome, but I guess as Andy said “It’s called common sense”. LOL.

We should invent an un-common senser

Plenty of these have been invented (or discovered) previously, but they also tend to inhibit other senses (Such as coordination, reaction time, etc…)

They’re all also either only available for purchase by people over 18/21 (depending on where you live) or illigal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just learn to mount with both sides. It should take you a minute or so to get the hang of if you can mount on the other side.

What do you mean by doing suicide mounts on your other side?

by starting with the other pedal near him?

like this:


“other side”

get what i’m saying?

oh yeah I see, makes sense. That what you mean Zee?