It's all Downhill from here!

Super steep, loose and Chunky MUni-goodness!

The mountain bike guy at the end is 70! We said “Old Guys Rule!” :sunglasses:

**You can see my FM Radio go flying off my backpack at :28! I didn’t know I’d dropped it until I was already back to the car! Oh well!

Nice vid as always Terry! :sunglasses:

Thanks Juni. How do you like your Oracle 36er? Looks like a sweet ride! :slight_smile:

I’ve been loving it Terry. Last week I did 3 big rides…a 50+, a 60+ and a 70+ mile ride.
It’s been clunking and creaking a bit recently, especially on the uphills. I’m thinking it might just be the spokes needing tightening, but I could be wrong. I guess its time for Beast’s first service…Not bad considering she’s done over 1000 miles already :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a LOT of riding in one week! Did you do them back to back one day after the other? The creaking sound could be the hub if it’s the press-fit type. I had two of those that caused super loud creaking, and I ended up replacing them with the standard welded hubs, and no creaking since. But yes, it could be the spokes, which was my first guess, but it was the hub in both cases.

I rode the 70+ on Tuesday, 60+ on Thursday and 50+ on Friday. This was after close to 200 miles of riding the week before. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this week, but I’m sure I’ll be back on it next week :wink:

I’m sure a service at the LBS will find the cause of the creak. I’m not actually sure if my hub is the old aluminium one, or the steel one. If it is the hub creaking, and its aluminium, I’ll be replacing it with a steel one, so I don’t fear breaking it on some bigger muni drops…


It’s all in the persuit of reaching your level of greatness Terry :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just doing my best to keep up with you younger riders, but you’re leaving me in the dust! :o

Nice riding. That climb at the end looked brutal. I can’t help but think about you getting your camera equipment after every trip down.