It's a muni adventure!

I finally found a decent place to muni around Lincoln! There’s a forest within muni-ing distance of home which seemed to have the highest concentration of paths marked on the map nearby, so I thought I’d give it a try.

It was brilliant! Paths of all sizes from road-sized tracks to really tiny windy paths through the forest. Bits of the forest were being worked on to thin it out so some bits were a real playground. Or at least they were until it had to happen, at long last - “thwack!” went the pedal on the back of my leg. Youch. Is it some kind of initiation? Muniers don’t need a tattoo or something, they all have The Scar…

Then I got lost. Hopelessly lost… I was following a really funky path, narrow, winding, over lots of roots, logs and boggy bits (confuse people by just leaving the one tyre track through the mud…) when it just kind of fizzled out. I had a feeling for where I was, but evidently hadn’t judged how far ahead the next path was, so I spent the best part of an hour hacking through thick undergrowth in an attempt to find a path, any path! A muni is good in this respect… it’s brilliant at clearing a path; rolling along the ground it flattens small branches, and its weight gets slightly larger branches out of the way too. David Attenborough never had one of these.

I even got the chance to show off a bit when someone said “I bet you can’t get over that” referring to a crazy stile-type object consisting of two tall planks across the path. I made the first… but then she was right, I didn’t make the second. Bah!

But all in all, despite a very muddy muni (and me) and now a large plaster on the back of my leg, great fun. I’ve only one week left in Lincoln, but I shall return before I go.

The off-topic bit… the legomen are back once more, with fast cars, heavy weaponry, special effects and cunning plans!

Phil, just me

What a hoot! Thanks Phil!:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

How long did it take you to make the videos anyway? And what kind of a program did you use to put them together?

That one took the longest of the lot; a good few hours were put into it over the space of a few days. Oh for somewhere with consistent lighting!

The video is captured with the Logitech quickcam software, and then put together with Adobe Premiere. Nice.

Phil, just me

Excellent, your best yet! You’re starting to build your own part in your movies. Next time it will be “Starring - PHIL (plus some Lego men)” Maybe just as well though, your acting is much more convincing than the Lego men’s, their’s could be described as somewhat “plastic”:wink:

Neat little detail though, putting Blu-Tack on the Lego men’s feet so they could run around silently rather than clicking all over the place:p

Have fun!


I didn’t even notice the Blu-Tack. I should try making some of these video’s for myself. I just need to find a web-server to host them on…

Hmmm… I was thinking more along the lines of exactly the opposite! :slight_smile:

Not me guv, that was them. More stealthy. See?

Finding somewhere to put them on isn’t a problem… there are loads of places to get a website of your own (mine is hosted by or you could smile nicely at someone else to host it for you; I’ve got loads of room…

Phil, just me