It's a great day!

Well, I sold one toy last night, a 2004 Yamaha FJR1300, and ordered two new toys today from UDC!

On their way to me through the miracle of the private shipping industry are: 1) a brand-spanking-new Radial 360, and 2) an equally shiny Qu-Ax 24" MUni.

My old Sun 28" will now officially begin collecting dust!

Two new unis coming at the same time! The drool is pooling on my keyboard as I type!

Congrats, now all you need is a trials uni to complete your collection;)

Aaand a Giraffe, a BC, an ultimate wheel, and a mini 12" uni… Haha then your uni collection will be complete.

Congrats on the Purchase! You’ll love your Coker - or should I say “Radial”?

no, it won’t be complete until he gets a 9’ giraffe, bi and triveritcycle, and a big wheel. Jeez man.

What about a freestyle addition?

Oh, man, you youngsters must not be married! It’s HUGE that I’m even buying two “toys” of any kind at once. Only because I’m flush with cash after selling my motorcycle can I get these unis, and finish my RC airplane (already built, need radio and misc.) without conflicts of paying the mortgage, insurance, car payments, electric bill, ad infinitum…

(I still want a giraffe!)