Item is Sold

Priced lower to sell quick.

I’m selling my 36". The wheel was built this past Christmas by me (former LBS mechanic). Unicycle comes as is and is in very good condition minus some cosmetic damage from use.

Asking $450 USD, this will include shipping to your door (North America Only)

Parts are as follows:

KH Saddle
Qu-Ax double bolt seat clamp
Qu-Ax frame with mount for inboard disc
Wheel is new spokes, Nimbus 100mm non-disc ISIS Hub, Nimbus Stealth 2 rim (Schraeder), TA Tire, Foss tube
VCX 125mm KH cranks
New bearings were installed when the wheel was made
spare tube (29") will be included + 2 extra spokes

Payment will be done through Paypal

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like more pictures.

Hey everyone,

Had an offer that fell through for $575 CAD, if someone wants to match the offer it’s yours.

Price has been updated to $400 USD

Hey Sexy, (boy that sounds a little weird typing it out)

I’m gonna talk to my brother in Toronto and tease him with this.
He can’t even ride a 19" yet but he might invest in the future because of your good deal.
Give me a day or so and I’ll get back to you.

Sell it if you can though, don’t wait for us.


Sounds good,

Thanks for the reach out too, it’s appreciated

Price updated again, now $450 USD and will cover the shipping cost myself.

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