Issue 8 is coming!

Issue 8 is being mailed out in the next couple of days, so if you’re unlucky you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks - USA members a little longer…

Issue Eight of Uni - The Unicycle Magazine contains for the first time anywhere; a comparison of all the standard, quality unicycles available in the world.
This is the ultimate buyers’ guide.

Kris Holm details his system for comparing Trials lines, Sam Shuster follows up his British Medical Journal article on reactions to unicycling, Mike Tierney shows us how to make use of the end of the skiing season and we have part one of Steve Colligan’s amazing trip from Lhasa to Khatmandu via Everest.

This issue’s Group tests are a comparison of 36" tyres and Multi Tools (no, that’s not comparing 36" tyres to multitools!); while we still have the usual news, reviews, patent review and a great snack recipe from The Hungry Cyclist, Tom Kevill Davies.

Sounds great :slight_smile:

Nice! Cant wait :slight_smile:

As they guy in the Ferroro Rocher advert says…


I’d like to say thanks to Mike Penton for doing a little “UniGeezer” profile in an upcoming issue! We’ve corresponded for more than a year now about it and I will be honored to be in the coolest Uni magazine there is!

What I’m most happy about is the fact that my dad, who turns NINETY next year, will hopefully see the issue; I always give him each magazine to read and he loves it, but he always asks me, “When will you be in it?” I tell him hopefully soon, lol!

So Mike, when you do include me in an upcoming issue, I’d really appreciate it if you could say that I dedicate the story to my dad! He’d love that! Thanks so much.:slight_smile: