Israel unicycle

That’s my first video to see from that part of the world. Glad to see street riding coming out of the Middle East. Keep the videos coming.

thank you, we’ll practice some more then post another

awsome to see a israeli unicycle video! i look forward to your next one and hope that i can come to israel in 2012 again.

@itemar: i will upload the grind we filmed in tel aviv on vimeo today and sent you the download link

cool maybe you’ll be here in time to be in our next vid

Hey Yatal, nice video. It’s cool to see that you have a lot of fun over there!:slight_smile:

thanks casper, i enjoy your vids too

Cool video guys. My family is thinking of moving to Israel. Where’s the video? Tel Aviv? We are looking at Modiin. I heard there’s some pretty active muni there. Is that still the case?

I’ll be in Israel a week before Passover through the end of Passover. It would be fun to meet up with you all.


Yes, this video is from TLV at a place called: Skate-Park Galit

I’d be happy to meet with you in Israel.
There’s also great mountain trails near Modi’in in a place called: Ben-Shemen forest.
Tel-Aviv is also not too far from there either.
Keep in touch!


When do you guys usually ride? I saw a post about Shomer Shabbat and unicycling, esp in Israel. I am Shomer Shabbat. Here in the US I usually ride muni on Sundays, and ride flatland and road ride on other days.

Would someone be able to lend me a muni for a group ride? I don’t have space this time to bring mine along.

We don’t usually ride as a group - especially now when it’s winter and rains a lot, so people less go out.
Anyway, I myself ride on Fridays.
Sunday in Israel is a work day so it leaves either Friday or Saturday for most people.
Regarding lending a muni, you may check with the facebook group of unicyclists at:

Rely a nice video!

Isn’t it to hot in summer for MUni tours?
Is the air dry or sweltry?


I am in jerusalem over the next week. Anybody getting together this week to ride?

Awesome video! Keep them coming. :slight_smile: