ISIS hub?

Hello there this is my first thread here, so tell me if im in the wrong place. Im looking to upgrade my standard hub to an isis hub are there any advantages to this upgrade?

The reason is sometimes when riding the crank has come off. Which is a problem when tring not to eat the pavment.

Also would this mean that I would have to replace the wheel?

ISIS Hub Replacement

Good move!

I had a cotterless hub and it too came undone regularly. You can buy an ISIS hub from UDC ( and then take the wheel apart spokes and all then put it all back together again.

I just bought a Nimbus ISIS Trials as my wheel wasn’t worth rebuilding. The cranks are a lot more solid and when you’re my weight it needs to be solid!

In my opinion, unless you’ve got a super duper wheel with a cotterless hub (unlikely) it’s probably cheaper to buy a wheel pre-built with an ISIS hub.

I’m only a newbie myself, so take my opinion for what it’s worth. (Very little)

Yeah I thaught that I would have to replace the wheel as a whole.
The amount of trouble that I have had trying to replace the seat… I had to get a new seatpost and frame, so I think to replace the hub it will be a big job to do.

Can you tell by looking if your hub is Isis?

How do you identify it?

Another problem is most cotterless hubs have 40 mm bearings and the frame matches. Some have ground the bearing races but it would be hard to screw it up and make it unusable.

For a while UDC sold 40mm ISIS bearings but I don’t see them on the site now.

Instead of upgrading parts I’d just get a new uni more suited to the riding (ie trials, true 20" or Muni).

I guess somebody had to answer this one in the end , how bored were you Billy:D

Slight typo.

I’m thinking of switching up to get the KH two-hole cranks on my 36", and they are only for Isis.