ISIS Crank Bolts

I bought a wheel set from a guy on here, but the bolts didn’t make it to me.

So…does anyone have a pair of ISIS crank bolts that they would sell to me?

Just about any bike shop should have them. There are two different sizes that are standard for ISIS, so you would do well to bring your wheel to the bike shop to get a match.

I think the sizes are m12 and m15, and I know that some uni hubs use one size, and others use the other size, but I don’t know specifically which one fits which hubs.

I hope this isn’t more confusing than it needs to be.

Most isis uni hubs use m12, i believe the only exeption is the koxx1 light.
you have a kh wheel right? That is most definitely m12.

Very good. I shall check some of the bike shops in the area.