Isaac Steiner - Fall 2008


Okay, okay, it’s really short vid. I was having a hard time going out to film, and now it is cold, and there is snow on the ground, so that’s it until spring probably.

I want to thank Olaf and Darren alot for my unicycle, it’s been really awesome !



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nice movie :roll_eyes:

Cool vid! Too bad it was so short though :).

Loved it Isaac… Keep riding… Make a Snow Coker vid :stuck_out_tongue:

Bit short but not too bad.

Yeah too short… But maybe I shouldnt say that, I might go out today and make a short one. Too wet though :frowning:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks again, and I will have more, just thats it for 2008 probably.

Thanks Wolfgang, We’ll see about that :wink: I want to get a basic unicycle for snow riding specificly ! It would be soo fun ! :slight_smile:


pretty sweet

Nicely video Isaac
The initial hop you have a huge tuck, which makes me think you could do much higher.
The 540 is clean and smooth in slow motion.
The curved skinny at the end is cool.
When the weather turns cold, wet, snow, its a good time to go muni… put those trials to practice.

No chance of a flat vid in the winter?

Anyways, cool vid, and like everyone else said, it was short. How high was that hop at the start?

cool vid, best part was the curved skinny.

Haha nice editing at 0:32 :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool vid.

Thanks Émile. The sidehop at the beginning was 70cm, or around that. From your videos that I can see the skatepark, it does look similar I think, yes.

I really doubt I will make a winter flat vid. I’m not worth watching, like I do all the basics; Rollingwrap, Backroll, Insideroll, Outsideroll, and then other little things and put those into tiny combos. But thanks, I should have made it longer, but the snow is here, and I think it is staying…:frowning: Again, the sidehop was probably 70cm, could have been a little higher, but I’m pretty sure 70cm.

Thanks guys,



Someones probably gonna get mad at me for bumping a thread from the second page, but I just saw this now.

Even if it was short, it was awesome. Sweet 540 Isaac.

Thanks, Max :slight_smile: