Isaac Conyers - Street

well im not very happy with this video bit it’ll do. the riding isnt as good or big as i would like it to b, but hey, u cant hav everything. and its my last solo video for a while because 1. im going to b very busy with school in the next few months and 2. so i can get back to enjoying my riding rather than stressing out bout the video.

feel free to comment on riding and/or editing if u wish. cheers

edit: blah

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kind of speechless…that was really good issac. im really diggin your style and flow.

i may just have a new favourite rider, very cool


Just film you trick for fun (that’s what I do with Hugo) and when I have enough clips I make a video if I feel like doing so. It usually ends up being even better than filming FOR a video.

Now I’m going to watch the vid.

That was cool, I like how you use pedal grabs. I think it could do without the footplants (just my opinion, but footplant tricks doing fancy things with your uni while standing on your foot aren’t that cool to me). The first one into the grab on the bench did flow nice though.
I liked when the table almost flipped over.

…and was that your bone showing through your skin?

I have to say I liked that vid. The 2 flat 2 flat 2 was huge. I love the pedal grab over the table to bench to flip over the table (almost) haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Same except I would have kept 1 or 2 footplants.

I agree with Spencer I really like all the pedal grabs. But the foot plants are just a little too slow.

You really got to plant and jump with your foot and do a trick as opposed to planting your foot spinning the uni and hopping back on.

I do think some of those plants could be super cool if done with a bit more intensity

other then that… the grinds were sick. the 360s where killer… loved that pedal grab on the up ramp.

keep it up

guuuuyyy!!! so sick gaps
best one was at 2:59 :astonished: :astonished:
keep it up!

Thought it was a really good video, but agree that the footplants really kill the flow for you. 1 or 2 of them would have been good, but they just take away from the flowy street you talk about so much :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, isaac! this is a really awesome video, i liked it :slight_smile: you have a very nice style :slight_smile:
keep it up!

i disagree with everyone here. i LOVED the footplants and all the pedal grabs.

I would have liked the footplants more if they were more flowy. They just seemed to take too long and take away from the flow of his riding. I normally love footplants, but it needs a little more speed.

edit: I did love the pedal grabs though.

Really great video. I loved the grinds, grabs, plants and everything. But the best is, that it’s done so you can have fun again. :slight_smile:

Yes! Same here. I wouldn’t have minded a couple more… :stuck_out_tongue:

very good vid !! :):slight_smile:
some really creative and sick stuff :smiley:
I like a lot of thinks in the vid… so I will not call them all :stuck_out_tongue: (gabs,rails,… were sick ;))

I also have to say. You are focusing like a maniac on that everything has to be special and real street, and partly you secceed, and partly you fail. Some things look really nice and flowy, and som stuff (including the footplants) were just too much. But i really like the vid anyway! :slight_smile:

Wow, very nice video :)! Liked the music aswell!

I agree with Josef.

But all-in-all an awesome video. You’ve got sick style, and lots of flow.

My favorite part was the grind on the kinked part of the rail.


…and was that your bone showing through your skin?
No my leg did the same thing it’s just a deep cut showing the first layers of tissue

Awesome video and good to see you riding in a new one. The only thing that I would say is it could have used some crankflips when clearing those stairs. but other than that awesome and intense video got a different/crazy awesome style from everyone else.

yeah isaac!

Really awesome. loved all the flowy stuff, especially from 1:23 - 1:39 that section was my favourite. I also think it could of done without most of the foot plants. the one at 48 looked nice though.
Loving the pedal/crank grabs, rolling hops and hop twists. 6 set 360! real nice.