Is Unistar DX too heavy for my 12 yo son?

I am trying to find the right unicycle for my son (12 y o, 5 ft, 78 lbs) who is anxious to start trials…

He is not a beginner - can wheelwalk idle go backwards hop but only has a beginner cycle and it is time for a bigger better one.

Just concerned about the weight of the DX. Like the price compared to the other trials - we can’t afford those yet.

Thanks for any advice!

The DX isn’t really THAT heavy actually. I own one, and am very pleased with it. They’re are definatley better unicycles. But for the price, the DX can’t be beat.

I have no problem jumping pretty high on mine. I’m not as good as your son, but I think he’d have a blast on it! Weight isn’t really a big issue either. It’s not gonna’ mean the diffrence between a good trials rider, and a bad trials rider. The unicyclist makes the unicycle work magic. The unicycle does NOT make the unicyclist work magic.

Definatley get the DX, then if he likes it. When you guys have more finances, you can buy a KH or Koxx One.

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To be honest…it might be.
What you need to do is go to a store that has one and have him try it out. That would be the best way to do it. However if you can’t have that arranged I would say just go with a koxx or a Kris Holms unicycle. Both are extremely light and both are at the top of the game when it comes to light weight, quality unicycles.

He’s pretty light

What kind of uni does he have now? How soon will he grow bigger would you guess? At 78 lbs, he might be better off on a lighter cheaper, non trials uni. The torker dx is the heaviest choice for a trials uni, so perhaps not the best choice for a small rider.
It is possible to get a better price on KH uni’s (the lightest). Read this thread, it has some info from Kris Holm himself.

He probably posted this in RSU from another forum and didnt know that they’re linked. Anyway, I saw a kid at RAGBRAI this year riding a red DX. He must have been about that size and it seemed just fine for him. I’d suggest it over a CX or LX at any rate since it has a better seat and is built like a rock. I actually rode his for a bit and was very pleased at how it felt. Reminded me of the days when my roommate had a 20" Qu-Ax before he sold it.

well I personally own a DX, and do street, I havnt ever been on any other unicycle other than a nimbus, but this unicycle is great to ride, he will really notice the difference when he starts riding, whithin a week or so he will stop noticing it, the extra weight, which isnt to much, will make him better at jumping, so his ability to jump farther/higher will greatly decrease for if he ever gets a Kh or another kind of unicycle. I can do a 8 1/2 foot rolling hop with my DX, and it has always been a great uni, what kind of unicycle does he ride now? Is it just a freestyle uni? But for the price the DX is the best, I wouldnt recamend the new qu-ax because I have heard it to break easily, where the DX is a step up from it.

and my little sister also rides my DX sometimes, shes around 60 pounds has just started, and can jump better on it than her light freestyle uni.

eh, the Au-Ax with the splined hub was pretty indestructible. We did some pretty stupid stuff with it when we had it. Its not really practical for what the thread suggests so I still say the DX is a good idea here

i just got my torker dx 2 days ago and it is a big improvement from my old uni. i weigh 115 am 5’ 8" and 16 y/o and the uni is great for me for everything but jumping, my highest jump went down by 4" but i am getting used to the weigh more now. my friend who is 160 lbs can jump higher on my dx than he can on his own so i think it may have something to do with the weight and compressing of the tire. he will get used to the weight but may not be able to jump as high at his weight

The weight of the unicycle has a very small effect on how high you can jump with it. It’s all in the technique and things such as crank length and seat height.