Is unicycling easier near the North pole?

Just wondered. I’m here in Texas and looks like all the organized unicycle activity is far far to the north!. Is it cabin fever or Coriolis forces or coincidence or what?

Gravity decreases to zero at the north pole. Right around latitude 45-50 is the ideal gravitational fraction.


Your the man harper.


Im somewhere around the arctic circle (I think) and I havn’t noticed anything that helps me become a good unicyclist. I still claim it has to be something with magic lobsters.


Around the world in 80 seconds, eh?

Um, that’s the South Pole. Stay on topic here.

AHA! tricked you all!

And I believe it’s the ceremonial South Pole, not true or magnetic South Pole.

It’s obviously not a barber pole!

That guy hasn’t been anywhere near a barber in years.


I live around 52˚ personally I find my rides much more enjoyable around 53 or 54˚N

So that’s why I loose weight every summer when I go north!

Ha! Guess he doesn’t need to now though. The beard looks like it’s going to freeze and shatter anyway!

And wait, really? I’m no physicist, but how can gravity possibly decrease to zero at the North Pole?

Ever hear of the Northern Watershed? That is where all water flows north. That location is about a 6 hours drive north from Toronto. Sooo, if all water flows north from there, perhaps it is all downhill to the North Pole. Therefore it must be easier riding…

Gravity must be much less…

How else could reindeer fly?

If Reindeer can fly surely we can get a giraffe off the ground!
Maybe if we used a treadmill…

This is definitely an experiment worth pursuing. Hoards of unicyclists on flying giraffes makes a very attractive image.

well then organize something, i’ll do my best to be there. there are several unicyclists in your area. find them.

I think I figured it out. Dang, it’s hot here, and humid. And I can’t unicycle fast enough to raise a breeze. Meanwhile, you folks up north are finally seeing the icicles melt away so you can ride.